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The Omron HJ-112 Premium Digital Pedometer 


Many of us need help later in life to sustain the level of physical activity required to ensure we give ourselves the best chance of living long and healthy lives. Significant changes in our lifestyles can affect our attitude to exercise. Often,when we reach a certain age and move away from busy family and business schedules to finding more time on our hands, we can tend to slow down. The equation we need to guard against this: High calorie Intake + Low Physical Activity = Obesity,diabetes, and other chronic diseases. So what will help? A good habit of taking exercise regularly, and within our individual ability, can pay high health dividends. In order to acquire this habit most of us need to see the measurable results of our efforts indicating clearly our progress towards incremental and reasonable improvements in our fitness. We need targets to aim for and the ability to measure easily how we are doing. The answer is to use a physical activity monitoring device everyday.


The Omron HJ-112 Premium Digital Pedometer is a well proven physical activity monitoring device, and a popular choice for walkers, particularly for the many of us who later in life need some help to sustain the level of physical activity required to give ourselves the best chance of long and healthy lives. Omron is a long respected manufacturer of healthcare products of high quality and value.

Users of the stylish Omron Digital Pedometer like the light, smooth,pebble-shaped feel of the device which can be carried in purse or pocket and, for additional carrying options, comes with a retaining strap and clip and a neat, strong holder for attachment to a belt at the waist. Digital technology ensures that your every step is accurately recorded.

Easy Use Accessory

 Lightweight and unobtrusive to carry at all times. Easy attachment to clothing, belt or bag. 

The easy attachment to clothing, belt or carry bag means you will be happy to take this pedometer with you wherever you go in your daily life, and you can quickly check your activity readings at anytime. It will not be an encumbrance and because it is so unobtrusive it can quickly become an indispensable part of your active life. The unit is both highly durable and lightweight with no sharp edges.You will soon be lost without it!

Clear and accurate measurement in six tracking modes

Six tracking modes. Clear display. Easy use buttons to display the up to date reading for each function. 2D SmartSensor  technology ensures accurate recording of data all day long.

This clever device works because its motion 2D SmartSensor monitors your activity as you walk, or run. It records The Omron HJ-112 Premium Digital Pedometer 

the number of steps you take,and its clever little secret is its dual-axis accelerometer mechanism which detects not only vertical but also horizontal.

In addition to the main function of step counting,other tracking modes cover:


-Calories burned

-Aerobic steps


All the current daily data can be easily displayed using a simple set of buttons.The display screen makes reading this data very easy.

7-day memory for activity goal management

The Omron HJ-112 has an inbuilt memory recording 7 daily readings to enable you to check your daily activity levels against the targets you have set for yourself. For example, you may wish to reach an optimum average of 10,000 steps a day in six months. You may wisely wish, depending on your starting level of fitness,to build towards your target by achieving,say,three two monthly targets over the period : 1. 0-3,000 2. 3,001-6,000 3. 6,001-10,000.For very 7-day period you can easily record in your notebook, diary or phone app the daily number of steps achieved. This enables you to develop your walking habit, and adjust your workday to increase your activity as necessary. Remembering always that you are working towards an average number of steps, as there maybe be times during a lengthy period when you cannot keep to a rigid timetable, perhaps because of short term illness or incapacity.

Clock and Auto-reset

Always helpful is to be able to time your walks. You have this with an integral function supporting a clear digital clock display screen showing the time, all the time.You will need to make sure that the time is correctly set because of the automatic reset function. At Midnight every day the clock resets the recorded daily values so, for example, the step counter will be reset to zero to begin its work again for the next 24 hours.

Included Accessories

Your HJ-112 GOsmart Pocket Pedometer is well packaged, and inside you will find the following accessories:

– Pedometer

– Battery (CR2032)

– Strap

– Clip

– Holder

– Screwdriver

– Instruction Manual


Because this model has been out for a while, there are a number of reviews out there online.For the most part it rates very well.Consumers like its effortless set-up and easy to understand data for activity management. Being digital it is accurate for its purpose and well made. The safety clip is appreciated. Many users  particularly like the function which counts aerobic steps taken during a continuous walk of more than 10 minutes at a rate of more than 60 steps per minute.


Few people have any problems with this pedometer. If I am to be picky, the soft operating buttons used when setting, or resetting, the unit can be a little tricky, but not too much so with a little application. At least, this prevents the functions from being accidentally changed whilst in use. For me,the benefit of the latter would seem to far outweigh the disadvantage of the former ‘fiddly’ issue.

The pedometer is not fully waterproof and therefore it is not advisable to leave it in any clothes to be washed!

The 7-day memory function should be enough for most needs. However, for the ‘techie’ type, not being able to print-out the data may seem a big limitation.

There are products which enable you to do this, including one made by Omron. You can expect of course to pay more for this facility with other pedometers.


While it’s not a cheap unit, it compares well with other and more expensive competing products. Amazon often has good deals for the Omron Premium HJ-112 Pocket Digital Pedometer.



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