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How to succeed with your New Year Resolutions

Why is it that many of us fail to keep out New Year resolutions? Steve Scott whose website is devoted to developing good habits which greatly contribute to an improved and more fulfilling life has written extensively on the subject. Whilst he covers a wider audience with good advice for most age groups including those who are starting,building or sustaining their working lives,much of what he writes is equally applicable to the 60-lifers. You can still obtain ( but for how much longer I know not) a free copy of his “77 Good Habits to live a Better Life”.
Steve has also recently covered the troublesome question posed above about the failure rate of New Year resolutions. He goes into the reasons for this failure , and offers an easy to follow blueprint in his new Kindle book which we can all follow to achieve greater success at any age.
12 Good Habits for Christmas
While resolution can quickly fade away early in a new year, building for success takes a bit-by-bit approach. This success is necessarily from an overnight conversion or achievement. The author sees most resolutions as projects to be worked over a 12 month period. He covers:
  • Keystone habits
  • 12 types of New Year resolution
  • How to know your trigger points that sustain bad habits
  • Benefits of keeping your resolutions include improved financial,and health,better relationships, and addiction control

The downside to all this is that to succeed requires focus and effort. Nothing  worthwhile is easy. it requires application and a long term mindset.


This could be the most cost effective and valuable Christmas present you could ever give yourself!


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