7 Tips to help keep you well this winter

11th November 2010

· 7 Tips to help keep you well this winter
· How to become a well paid writer with five minute writing
· Will you be ready when your energy bills hit the doormat early next year?


How are we to face the shorter days of winter, the awful weather, and the inevitable colds and sniffles? A recent Daily Mail report looks at practical ways to help us stay well this winter.

7 practical ways to help keep you well this winter

· Your mother knew best how to keep the common cold at bay

· Beat the bug

· Don’t feel SAD. As the nights draw in, a fifth of us have the winter blues …advice from the SAD Association

· What you need to know about the flu jab

· Use a range of herbal remedies and plants as the best defence to colds

· Boost your immune system with the 10 foods that are so beneficial to your health they are known as ‘super foods’.

· Have a very healthy Christmas

Read more: daily mail/health/article

How to become a well-paid writer

Becoming a well paid writer could be a dream you’ve cherished for years but never quite got round to fulfilling. Five minute writing is a serious way to make money writing, as you can find out below…


…to phone a friend…peel potatoes for dinner…make a paper plane…perhaps collect the grandkids from school…or write a few words that could earn you anything from a plastic apron or ballpoint pen, to a dream house in the sun, a top of the range sports car, or a magnificent hoard of cash prizes and luxury goods!
You can easily enter the fascinating world of The Five Minute Writer where:

· Even if a few minutes a day is all you can spare, you can still be a well respected, and regularly published writer.

· No special skills are required, you definitely don’t need a computer or word processor, a desk or phone.

· You don’t have to spend years learning your craft.

· Five minute writers are in great demand all over the world.

Why is it so profitable? Why do so many people enjoy five minute writing?

You can find out the reasons why and, also why publishers (and other regular clients) need your work at the five minute writer


Will you be ready to receive your energy bills when they hit the doormat next year?


Winter draws on! It’s the big switch on: lights, fires, heaters, and electric blankets. Now is the time to benefit from a little forward planning in this burn-now-pay-later season.

According to The Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis:

“Many people on standard tariffs can currently save over £300 a year by switching to the cheapest online deals, plus get up to £30 cashback or a crate of wine for doing it.”

He says: “Switch NOW! Energy price HIKES are back – save £300…

And it’s no big deal: only price and customer service change; you get the same gas, electricity, pipes, meter & safety.”

He reports further that…”Scottish & Southern Energy (S&SE) has announced it’s hiking gas prices an average 9.4% on 1 Dec. Industry insiders now predict the other big six will follow soon, probably in the next few weeks if not by January at the latest…” Check the details out at the money saving expert

But do keep warm. Until next week.


Mike Paterson,
The 60Life Weekly


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