Do you suffer from this frustrating problem?

– Do you suffer from this frustrating problem?
· – 20 Ways to make your Christmas easier
· – Try these amazing seasonal recipes for eating and drinking


With clear evidence of Winter outside and Christmas not far away, this week we turn our thoughts to keeping warm and well fed, and preparing for the festive season. Also, we take a quick look at a frustrating problem many writers suffer, and we are introduced to a vast free source of material that can help us with ideas and content for our writing, whether fictional or non-fictional.

Do you suffer this frustrating problem?

Debra at asks these questions?

‘Are you an idea junkie? Do you have a notebook filled with great ideas? It’s a problem I fight every day.
‘Why is it a problem? It is because great ideas can lead to overwhelm.’

Many of us writing every day have too many ideas and often don’t know where to begin with a writing project. This effects many successful people, and Debra says,

‘Sometimes You Have To Put Things On Hold Even If They Are Good Ideas.’

To catch more on this issue, and to take some inspiration and comfort (and also a sneak peak into the world of the Public Domain), check-out more from Debra at Sometime you have to put things on hold

20 Ways to make your Christmas easier

Good to Know have got 20 quick tips on how to make cooking for Christmas simple and stress-free, from cheat’s tricks to time-saving tips for classic Christmas recipes. So more time to sip sherry and open presents!

Go to the Good to Know site at

20 Way to make Christmas easier

Try These Amazing Seasonal Recipes for Eating and Drinking

Seasonal recipes for winter Eating and drinking hot seasonal food and drink can help to keep you healthy over winter. Most winter fruit and vegetables contain the nutrients you need for the season, and there are lots of great recipes to choose from. Guardian Lifestyle ,a href=””>Guardian Lifestyle

has some wonderful winter recipes from across the country. Good to know at Good to know-Winter recipes
has a wide choice of dishes from casseroles to delicious desserts. The ever-popular River Cottage is another good option. Go to : 20 Way to make your Christmas easier

And if you need a new cooker, slow cooker or microwave. Or intend to buy kitchen electricals as Christmas presents? Look out for the Energy Saving Trust Recommended logo to save money on running costs.

Energy Saving Trust

As the first Christmas cards drop through the letterbox, I am reminded that perhaps it’s time I drew-up my list and addresses, and wrote my cards.

Do stay tuned-in! Above all stay warm!
Remember you can pick-up more tips and news at

I do hope you will join me again next week for more build-up to the festive season. There will be more about the Public Domain, and opportunities it can provide to pick-up free ideas and content for use in your writing, whether fictional or non-fictional. Also here, and at, I will also be taking you back to 1891 and give you a little insight into North American life at that time.


Mike Paterson,
The 60Life Weekly

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