5 Great Work-at-Home Jobs for Parents

Article by Darrick Sherwin

The internet provides many great work-at-home jobs for parents. Let’s look at a few.


1. Call Center and Customer ServiceIndustries served within the United States and Canada include the following: Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment, Financial Services, Retail, Travel and Transportation, and Utilities.Your individual skills, experience, and personality will be taken into consideration when you are assigned clients. A separate home office is frequently necessary in order to ensure a silent environment and security for confidentiality and data purposes. Internet connectivity and a dedicated telephone line are required.Flexible hours allow you the option of working for one or more employers and to choose your own hours. Working from your home office can give you the time to do the school run, fit in some time at the gym, and overall improve the balance between your home life and your work life.Competitive compensation, health and retirement, career advancement, and recognition and rewards are all part of the bonus of working in this type of work-at-home position.

2. Tutor

Qualified educators who are highly motivated, organized, and personable are sought for at-home tutor assignments for students in middle schools, high schools, colleges, and universities. Training new online tutors is also a possible work option.

Work is performed in your home office via your computer and the Internet. Typing and computer skills are required. Part-time and full-time positions are available for a variety of subjects. As an online tutor you can teach from the comfort of your own home office, teach as much as you want, and teach when you want.

3. Affiliate

Think of being an affiliate as a new career as well as an at-home job. An affiliate is basically an “ad typist” who works for companies that recruit people to help them find other people who are looking for a solution to a problem that the company can solve. Your job would be to connect the people searching for specific products, services or information to the websites of companies that you are affiliated with and have the solutions. the website, fill out a form on the website, or buy a product or service.


4. Graphic/Website Designer

At-home freelance positions for Graphic/Website Designers are available at various freelance websites. You will need an updated quality on-line portfolio of pieces you’ve designed for yourself or others. You will be showing these pieces to potential clients and it will be your job to convince them that you are the person for the job. Even after you have accepted your first professional assignment, continue learning and improving your skills and portfolio and success will be yours.

5. Medical Transcriptionist

In this at-home occupation, dictations by physicians and other healthcare professionals would be interpreted and transcribed by you regarding patient assessment, work-up, diagnosis, and prognosis in order to document patient care and facilitate delivery of healthcare services.

Excellent written and oral communication skills including English usage, grammar, punctuation, and style are required along with knowledge of anatomy and physiology and medical terminology. Proofreading and editing are also part of the process of medical transcription.


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