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There are many misconceptions about getting older.One of these is that older people inevitably will suffer from significant age-related decline in health.This is what many parents and grandparents of those now in their 60s and 70s were led to believe.With a lower life expectation they also seemed to be condemned to a short retirement in ill-health before death. Society and culture did not expect any more from older people. The stereotypes were out there with ‘pipe and slippers’ often the onlyreward at the end of a working life. Nowadays so much has changed and with good reason.Apart from people wanting more out of life the realisation has surfaced that in reality something can be done to prolong an active life.

Myth 1: Trying to improve fitness in older age is pointless

There is a growing body of scientific evidence that debunks this myth. It is never too late to try and improve your fitness. Exercise can reduce the risk of certain conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.It can also relieve symptoms of chronic conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and arthritis.
One of the best forms of exercise for health is walking – The simple way to walk for health in laterlife

Myth 2: Beyond the age of 70 years you should just simply face the reality of health to be expected at that age

In the article, The 17 health benefits you can hold onto in later life, the old idea that you have to give in to an inevitable physical decline is shown no longer to apply. If what you once took for granted in health terms when younger is deserting you then you can recover the situation, including

  • Improving muscle strength and tone
  • Strengthening joints
  • Better balance
  • Increased flexibility
  • and so much more –

The 17 health benefits you can hold onto in later life

Myth 3: Only younger people can benefit from strength training

Strength training can relieve the symptoms of many age-related health conditions , like arthritis an osteoporosis, easing pain and stiffness and helping your heart and lungs work more efficiently, thus improving your overall health – How to Lift Your Health Balance and Strength Using Light Weights/

Myth 4: When you have inflammation in your arteries or elsewhere there is little you can do about it

Italian food ingredients on wooden background (dollarphotoclub)
Italian food ingredients on wooden background (dollarphotoclub)

To exercising more for the benefit of our health we can also add watching what we eat as part of our lifestyle choice.What we eat can significantly effect our health both now and in the future.

Inflammation can effect many parts of the body.Normally, as part of the immune system, it provides the artillery to fight for you in an area subject to disease or injury.But if it starts to go wrong serious conditions can arise such as cancer,heart disease,diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

A new study by the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease has identified food stuffs that can help prevent chronic inflammation that contributes to many leading causes of death.
Diets rich in fruits and vegetables, which contain polyphenols, protect against age-related inflammation and chronic diseases.

The study, conducted by Sian Richardson and Dr Chris Ford from the University’s Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease, examined the different potencies of the polyphenols.

Sian Richardson, said: “The results of our study suggest that (poly)phenols derived from onions, turmeric, red grapes, green tea and açai berries may help reduce the release of pro-inflammatory mediators in people at risk of chronic inflammation.

“Older people are more susceptible to chronic inflammation.”

Reverse the effects of inflammation in the arteries with the Mediterranean Diet. This diet will provide many of the essential nutrients you require to avoid the chronic effects of inflammation on your wellness.

Myth 5: Youthful Strategies for Boomers and beyond is a contradiction in terms


With this myth the question is what is youthful, and is this just about the ticking biological clock.As we have already seen there are many things we can do to help maintain our health and wellness, often at least above what is sometimes considered to be reasonable at a certain age. As we age, changes occur in our bodies and minds,but there are certain ways you can resist the downside of ageing and take steps to prevent diseases which prey on our bodies –

Youthful strategies for Boomers and Beyond


“Too many people, when they get old, think that they have to live by the calendar.” John Glenn (1921-)

As the oldest person to board a U.S. Space Shuttle (now 94), Senator John Glenn exemplified the view that we shouldn’t let age define us.

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