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Over many centuries monasteries and hospitals have valued the restorative benefits of having a garden in close proximity to people who are suffering sickness. A garden setting provides calmness, a path to creativity and a new appreciation for everything that surrounds us. It transports us from the stress of the world to a place of peace and tranquility and restores our minds and bodies like nothing else can do.You can benefit from the healing properties of nature by planning your own healing garden.

garden sanctuary (c)dollarphotoclub
garden sanctuary (c)dollarphotoclub

Now that you may have more time for yourself, with family grown-up, retirement from ‘gainful’ employment, and so on,you are looking to enjoy some well earned relaxation in your own space.Your garden may provide that space, providing a welcome break from stress and care. And, if you are like me,you are not necessarily a person who will find complete relaxation spending many hours doing regular gardening tasks. Garden maintenance can become a most inopportune and unwelcome chore. Give thought to your garden’s design, mindful of the following 5 tips for guidance:

1.Native Plants

In order to maintain your garden properly, to ensure that it looks its best through the seasons, you should plant those plants that are native to your location and, therefore, in sync with your climate and in pace with its seasons. Seems logical.Your native plants and shrubs will be in tune with changing soil conditions as well as climate.If you insist on an exotic plant that looked so great in a glossy picture from a coffee table gardening book be prepared to be disappointed if that plant finds itself outside its comfort zone and fails to deliver what you expect of it.

resting in garden inner-vision (c) dollarphoroclub
resting in garden inner-vision (c) dollarphotoclub

2.Pathways and patios

Your garden will need features.But for ease of maintenance carefully constructed pathways of stone and aggregate, with sun trapping areas of patio,flagged or decked, will reduce without loss of benefit the area of grass to be regularly mown.You could introduce container gardening  which can be concentrated to areas of easy access.

Summertime garden

3.Easy maintenance of plants and shrubs

As well as using native plant species in your garden, you should consider those which do not require regular and aggressive pruning and attention.Bamboo for example will grow rapidly and multiply to an extent that will challenge you to it keep under control.So research for plants which don’t involve so much attention for an ordered garden.There is a great deal of useful information available to you to tap into both offline and online.The Royal Horticultural Society  is a great resource for this and most other aspects of gardening.

4.Water features

Water features can add great interest to a garden and provide a tranquil backdrop to blend in with nature.They do though need to be carefully chosen from a practical and maintenance point of view.You need to be clear just how much cost and work maintenance you are prepared to put into your gardening project.It is clear, ponds with fish are somewhat more difficult to maintain, because water temperature is often critical for survival and there is a regular need to have a regular clean-out during the seasons.Fish ponds may also attract predatory birds and animals. A protective screen then becomes important.

An artificial flow of water will often be driven by a system which needs to be regularly maintained. The simpler a system is the better possibly it is for both performance and pocket.If a system fails it may have more than an adverse effect on the look of your healing garden, pond life will also be under threat and maybe irretrievably lost.

5.Maintenance on the Go

If you are to minimise the length of time spent on keeping your garden up to a standard acceptable to you, try to do tasks as they arise, that is little but often.Pruning and thinning plants can be done as needed 
, without storing up tasks for a prolonged effort of work required later maybe when the weather is not at its best.Much better to enjoy some gardening on a nice day when it is a joy to be outside.

Flower Garden beer -courtesy photographer (c) dollar photoclub
Flower Garden beer -courtesy photographer (c) dollar photoclub

So there you have it. A garden is a great beneficial asset and can help restore mind and body through the many blessings of nature. It does not have to be a burden to you if planned carefully for your requirements. A low maintenance garden need not be boring. Decide on the amount of time you are prepared to work in it, the extent of your skills and limitations, and design your sanctuary accordingly.Give yourself time to enjoy your garden.

Garden in country style with garden tools and orange tree 3D Rendering
Garden in country style with garden tools and orange tree 3D Rendering

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