50 Ways to kick-start your New Year

· 50 ways to kick-start your New Year

· Retirement? What is it? Who wants it?

· Why good financial planning can truly lead to golden years in retirement


This week we stay on the essential topic of financial planning, having first considered the concept of retirement.
First up though, in this first issue for 2011, I give you an article full of information covering a wide range of activities and interests to give a huge boost to your New Year.

50 Ways to kick-start your New Year
We all need a boost from time to time. Often, New Year is as good a time as any to take stock, and as we try to shake-off the Winter blues we should be good to ourselves for the sake of our health. I was therefore impressed by the Daily Telegraph guide:
50 ways to feel good .It is an excellent piece, full of great ideas and resource links, with suggestions to suit most people. You can check it out at 50 ways to feel good this year

Retirement: What is it? Who wants it?
Two very good questions, to which there are many good answers. For many the concept of retirement is beyond contemplation. For others it is seen as fair reward for a lifetime of toil; or perhaps an opportunity to change direction, and take a new path in the journey of life.

Whatever your particular viewpoint, a little independent guidance as to what it may mean, and how best to handle it, could be both life changing and beneficial. There are many helpful courses for people at all stages of the retirement process. I am going to look at some over the next few weeks, and come back to you. Meanwhile, I leave you with this link to the retirement courses to be found at retirement courses run by the people at laterlife.com.

Why good financial planning can truly lead to Golden years in retirement
It is never too late to review your finances and plan for the future.
In a report in October last year, the this is money.com website gave a planning guide for action taking readers through the decades of life from the 20s upwards. For the60-lifers, Martin Bamford says:

‘Making choices at retirement is about so much more than simply choosing the most competitive annuity rate. It is becoming increasingly popular to use an Unsecured Pension to have greater control over income flexibility in retirement, often phasing the payment of tax-free cash over several years to reduce income tax bills. This is a more complicated strategy than buying an annuity but can really pay off over the longer term.’

Read more from the full report at pensions- tips and guides


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