7 Easy Tips to help you sleep better at night

Resting - (Oksay Mark @ dollarphotoclub)
Resting – (Oksay Mark @ dollarphotoclub)

At any age lack of sleep is damaging to your health.Enjoying a restful night’s sleep is an essential prerequisite for preserving your health.If you are suffering from insomnia you are not alone. According to several recent studies like the Great British Sleep Survey over one third of people in the UK, and almost one half of the over 60s will suffer insomnia sometime.The best way to make yourself sleep better is the natural way. Without drugs you can train yourself to sleep.Here are some quick tips for a more restful night.

1.Bedtime : Have a regular time to go to bed. Bedtime should be weaved in as a habit into the pattern of your day. Many experts say that you should try to include in your night’s sleep a good two hours sleep before midnight every evening.

2.Plan for the next day before bedtime: Going to bed with a number of things on your mind, or a concern about the following day, may cause you to be restless when you try to sleep.Try stripping out the non-essential detail and write a list, or summary note of a task or course of action to be taken, then place it to one side before going to bed.

3.Technology: Lose the technology that may distract your thoughts away from yourself and sleep. For example avoid television last thing at night, and switch-off the standby mode.A little light reading, or listening to some light music may help to ease you into a natural slumber.

4.Hydrate: Hydration is important for general health and for a full night’s sleep. Although it is not wise to drink a lot of fluids shortly before you turn out the light, regular hydration during the day will help prepare for the evening ahead. Keep a water drink by the bedside.

5.Don’t watch the clock! While an alarm clock may be a necessary item in the bedroom to ensure you wake-up in time for an appointment, or whatever, it should not be a cause of stress and concern. If you wake you may be tempted to look for the time. This in itself may concern you when you have not been asleep as long as you had hoped.This may be sorted by merely turning the clock face away from you towards the wall, or by placing it on the other side of the room.

6.Keep the heat down. If you are too warm this can disturb your sleeping.If you can control the heat keep it to level that is comfortable for you.

7.Keep the light out of your room.This may seem an obvious thing to do. Try to create as much darkness as possible (especially during the lighter summer early mornings) with thicker or better fitted curtains, and use subdued lighting , if any,at all times.

So there you have it.Seven simple tips to use when working to form a habit of of adopting practices for good sleeping. A habit is said to be a settled practice that is hard to give-up and may take up to 66 days to reinforce (some argue that it only takes 21 days). When you think of what you have to gain using a few very simple practices every day, whether it takes 21 or 66 days seems not to be the issue. The benefits of good sleep are that you should awake refreshed in the morning,have increased energy during the day,feel younger and generally more aware.Inside you this can help you keep your blood pressure in check,heart healthy,and bad cholesterol levels down.

If your lack of sleep persists consult your doctor as the reason for this maybe because of an underlying health problem about which you need advice.
Sleep tight!


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