7 Helpful Tips for getting the best out of the Mediterranean diet


 Generally, medical health experts agree the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle provide the best ways to living a healthy and happy life. As a lifestyle it can keep you healthy from a young age to a ripe old age and help you feel, look and think the best you can be.

For the best results,the Mediterranean diet alone will not suffice. It’s important that you exercise, share your meals with others and learn to find that zest in life and not just experience stress and heartache. To get the most from this special lifestyle, you should follow the seven tips below:

  1. Consume a diet based on fruits,veggies,whole grains,legumes, nuts, seeds, potatoes and seeds.
  2. Eat fish and seafood at least for best advantage.Yoghurt,eggs,poultry and cheese maybe also be consumed but in smaller portions .
  3. Include plenty of “good fats”in your meals.Olives,extra virgin olive oil, avocados, nuts and sunflower seeds are excellent sources of good fats.
  4. Use herbs and spices to enliven the flavours of your food.Minimise the use of salt.
  5. Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.
  6. Drink wine in moderation.
  7. Eat desserts the Mediterranean way–fruit,yogurt,berries and other desserts that are sweetened with nuts and honey.

These seven tips will help you keep to a diet which can help you lose weight and keep healthy. Nothing is strictly forbidden.The basis of success is to take everything in moderation.

This diet scores highly for improving your health, including heart health, cholesterol, blood pressure, and avoiding cancer and other chronic diseases. The recipes on the diet plan take little effort to plan and put together and they’re tasty as well as healthy.

You can experiment all you want with the Med-diet and easily adapting your own recipes to fit the Mediterranean style. You may even find that your tastes change and the craving of fats and sweets is no more – because you’re getting them from other, healthier, sources.Voila!

Avoid any foods which are processed with toxic chemicals and preservatives. It’s much easier now to find a farmer’s market or supermarket where organic foods can be purchased ( and delivered to your door) and you can find ways to experiment with the Med-diet ingredients.

If you’re looking for a lifestyle that will keep you healthy, both physically and mentally, the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle can be fun and totally realistic. You’ll learn to approach food creatively and enjoy those you like – in moderation.


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