9 of the best websites for walking events in the UK for all ages

via dollarphotoclub
via dollarphotoclub

Regardless of the growing success of the month of May as National Walking Month, the appeal of gathering and walking in groups has risen apace in many other months of the year.This can only be to the general benefit of the now large number of people who look to walking in groups as a fun and healthy thing to do.

Up and down the UK, groups often representing charitable organisations,social and community associations, are preparing to continue to take to the outdoors and indulge in a pastime which is both largely free and easy to enjoy with others.Why others you may say? The group provides the encouragement for many to do what they would not do for themselves as individuals. Get out and take some necessary exercise.Alone they may have no feeling of purpose.As part of a band of likeminded people they will be supported along the way towards their goal.

Whatever your interest, and whatever you age, you should be able to find near you a group that you can join and where you can feel comfortable and a social bond. Maybe you want to lose weight,become fitter, help a charitable cause,or just simply want to get out of the house and have a good chat and a laugh with friends.If you are an older person this may be an attractive proposition.You may be looking for a pastime, an interest to share with others.You will though need to assess the demands of the walks on offer so that they are within your physical capabilities and also offer the company you would like to keep.

Here is a random pick of some websites out there which maybe suitable to you:


This site provides an opportunity to search for walking events and tours of all types in cities throughout the year.An opportunity to find out what is happening near where you live.Organisers of charity events and walks,health walks, walking tours. and walking clubs are invited to list them.

The main philosophy can be said to be: “Sometimes it is great to walk with others to raise money for charity, learn about the hidden corners of a city, or just have a good old chats you stretch your legs.” Sounds good to me.
2.Hertfordshire Year of Walking 

Year of Walking
via Hertfordshire County Council

Designed to be a countywide move by the local authority together with the Countrywide Management Service (CMS) to inspire and motivate more people to walk. It is becoming a regular year long movement.Last year was considered by the organisers to be a great success.

You might just catch some of the events planned for May. Worth a try!


walk the weight off 2016 challenge – this speaks for itself.

“It is widely accepted that many of us do not get enough exercise. In fact ,new government figures suggest that as few as 37% of men and 24% of women manage to do 5 sessions of moderate physical weekly activity recommended for fitness.”
There is scientific “ evidence that changing from a sedentary to an active physical activity pattern even at an older age, may result in a strong reduction of coronary heart disease risk.”

4.active walking

Here you can find some local walks. You may have to be selective according to your interests and level of fitness. Some of the events look quite challenging,others great deal of potential fun.


macmillan website page

If this is a cause close to your heart then you can enjoy participating in the organised events.
6.The Alzheimer’s Society

The Society welcomes you to take part in an organised trekking adventure with like-minded people of all ages.

Alzheimer’s Society works with companies that organise lots of different challenges. These challenges are open to anyone wanting to raise money for any charity.


On the rambleon site over 120 walking events and festivals to be held during 2016 are listed. This long list must have something to offer the most discerning.

Just two more options for you:

8.age uk

There are a wide range of independent social groups organised by older people for older people throughout the UK. So whether you’re interested in making new friends, pursuing a hobby or interest, or making your voice heard on issues that affect people in later life, there’s a group for you.

wirral coastal walk

9. And finally,but not least, why take a day out walking one of the most beautiful coastlines in England. The Rotary Club of North Wirral invite you to join them in June for the Wirral Coastal Walk.

This starts at Seacombe Ferry and finishes at Thurstaton, a distance of some 15 miles. I hear that to finish you can do a shorter distance to complete the walk at 4 miles and also at 10 miles.

Visiting these websites, you will a valuable reward in tips for how to setup proper walking plans and,generally, great number of pointers to help you keep fit and healthy.

Happy walking! You can do it.

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