A story of a fern for your life and relationships

This story was brought to my attention recently by a successful internet marketer,Perry Marshall. It’s a good read, and ends as a kind of cautionary tale about not neglecting things like our relationships, which might otherwise wither like a plant that is deprived of attention. I thought I would share it with you today.

I have an asparagus fern named Lazarus, writes Tom Hoobyar

Why did I name him Lazarus? I’ll tell you why.

I named him Lazarus because when I first got him for my batchelor apartment I was sometimes a neglectful caretaker.

I got the plant so there would be something alive in my apartment besides me. It came in a small green plastic pot about the size of a coffee mug and cost two dollars. It was a little green living thing and it kept me a kind of quiet company… to read more

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