…and the good news is we’re all living longer

The Daily Telegraph reports that :
‘Under the last Labour government, plans were in place to increase the state pension age for women to 65 by 2020 and to 66 for both sexes by 2026. It was then due to rise in stages, reaching 68 for men and women in 2046. However, the new figures show that life expectancy is increasing so rapidly that a child born today will live two and a half years longer than one born when Labour drew up its plans in 2006’

For the full report you can go to :

This rapid change in life expectancy, which seems to continue to take the fiscal planners by surprise, means the inevitable acceleration in the raisng of the qualifying pension age to a level believed to be financially sustainable for the taxpayer. The challenge for us all now is to plan for this change, and to make the necessary social and financial adjustments necessary so as to maximise the benefits to be derived from this gift of extra time.

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