Are all older men stupefyingly boring?

Of course I don’t think so. But one of the most eye-catching headlines I have seen in a while that made me chuckle appeared in the Daily Mail recently.It was:
“Why are all older men stupefyingly BORING?”
During an amusing piece Liz Hodgkinson wrote: “…Alas it is the same story at every social gathering of ‘oldies’ I attend -wedding anniversaries, birthday parties,or,yes,funerals.The women will be chatty, lively and animated while the men are in a corner,shaking a few sad,last,grey hairs and staring into the distance ,looking at their watches forlornly in the hope it’s timeto go home…”

But, hey, fellas, whaddya say…? If you want to check out this amusing (if, perhaps, slightly partial) article you can at Why-older-men-stupefyingly-BORING

Lads, you can visit: The Grumpy Club for grumpy old men

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