Are seniors well served by modern technology?

The challenge of technolgy for 60lifers today is well highlighted in the latest issue of the BBC >Click programme. The main conclusions to be drawn are that the technolgy industry is not doing enough to adapt devices to enable older people to use them adequately, and that they were frustrated by the sheer complexity of modern technology. If you would like to watch the >Click programme segment you can through the link below.

We see that even technology savvy Sir Stirling Moss, now 80 years of age,finds himself challenged by computing hardware and software, and finds it difficult to find his way around his mac laptop – me too! We are are not alone-it was reported that currently 8% of the world’s population is aged over 60 years. By 2050, this percentage is expected to double to 16% of the world population.

A lot of work seems to be needed to address the wants of this large and ever growing market for current technolgy products.

While older people may be visited by reduced physical ability and mental faculty, and the devices they are faced with using to remain actively involved in modern society need to be adapted to their use accordingly, the current ‘gap’ in ability to stay ‘connected’ can be reduced significantly by skills education and awareness. After all, older people have not been brought up with the applications of electronic technology which are second nature to the younger generations. This whole issue will be revisited here in future posts.

Checkout the >Click report here

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