As you grow older have you become invisible in your own community?

Have things changed significantly for you as you have grown older? Perhaps you have noticed how once when your hair was not so grey or white, or you walked with less of a limp, or without the the use of a walking stick, that people were more prepared to stop and take time to listen to you. They  would offer you the common curtesies of a valued member of society.

A recent report in the Daily mail says that: ‘The elderly believe they have become invisible in Britain’s youth-obsessed society with more than half feeling ignored, a survey revealed yesterday.

They fear being sidelined  despite embracing modern  technology such as surfing  the web and going on Facebook and Twitter.

Pensioners claim that their opinion is never solicited, nothing on TV  and radio is made for them and that they are written off by and ridiculed by society.

As the report says,although many people are living much longer and enjoying active and fulfilling lives as never before, there are many who still feel marginalised merely because they are stereotyped as older people and of low value.
So what do you think? I would like to hear from you. Maybe you feel angry about this; or you may feel of such low self esteem now that you appear not to have anything  more to contribute to society. Well, we’d like to prove to you that you are wrong to feel this way by sharing of a wide range of views. This can be of great benefit to many.

One thought on “As you grow older have you become invisible in your own community?”

  1. I think older people are being left out everywhere. Even though the aging population has increased they are simply responded to as “old school”. Baby boomers and the elderly have a lot to contribute and with their increase may eventually earn a voice.

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