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cestino di pane con verdure – dollarphotoclub


Media headlines often tell it all:

Sensible diet cuts heart attack risk within weeks (The Times)

Obesity threatens chronic ill health in older age

Dire warning of [adult] obesity as [youngsters] pile on the pounds(The Daily Mail)

but many of us still don’t respond to the headlines, or even read the rest of the article,news item,or report we maybe reading.

Despite the sheer volume of scientific evidence written today about the likely consequences of poor diet that shrieks at us frequently in the press and other media,our collective waistband is becoming ever broader, and with it the risk of preventable ill health becomes ever greater.

The Daily Mail headline above, and the recent article it covers, talks of the problem of the ‘super-fat’ children in the UK, who as adults will require serious corrective surgery i.e. gastric bands. This ‘sticking plaster’ approach to the eventual problem would, it is widely argued, be unnecessary if eating habits in the young were changed. Now here’s the thing, regardless of our age, we can all modify any of those habits acquired in earlier life, and so quickly derive health benefits.

Ease Into the Mediterranean Diet by Changing Your Habits

Changing your diet is one of the most difficult changes to make. But the Mediterranean diet can help if you need to lose weight, improve your current health, or you just wish to feel better.

The Mediterranean diet plan is easy to follow. You’re allowed certain desserts, a glass of wine in the evening and several snacks throughout the day. The difference is that you’re not eating those unhealthy foods filled with preservatives and harmful ingredients.

Our old habits may need a little work to be changed, but most worthwhile things often do.Sometimes minor changes in eating habits can cause short term withdrawals such as headaches, moodiness and lethargy. But you can help avoid these if you ease into any diet plan rather than make sudden and full changes overnight.

Here are 7 tips to ease into the Mediterranean diet :

Begin to snack on veggies all day. Vegetables can provide valuable nutrients while satisfying your urge to snack and fill up. Since breakfast is a must on the Med-diet, why not begin your day with a spinach omelette with a piece of whole grain toast. Follow this with some fruit.

Replace butter and margarine with healthy plant-based oils. Choose high-quality, extra-virgin olive oil, add some balsamic vinegar and spices and dip your whole grain bread into it. Saute veggies with olive oil, walnut oil or other similar plant-based oils.

Cut down on red meats. Instead, prefer skinless turkey and chicken, fish, beans, nuts and other plant foods for your protein intake. Your saturated fat intake will be reduced, and it will help you lose weight.

Use whole-grain breads, rice and pasta.These products will help reduce inflammation, your risk of a stroke or heart attack, and the possibility of Alzheimer’s disease. Eating white foods can spike your blood glucose, whereas whole grains bring it down.

Choose nuts, low fat dairy and seeds for snacks. Grab a handful of nuts or seeds or a carton of low-fat Greek yogurt, rather than take-in processed snack foods,

Have fruit for dessert. This is a great choice if you like something sweet after a meal . Desserts are okay on the Med-diet plan, but keep it light and eat them in moderation.

Allow yourself a glass of wine. Women should drink no more than one glass of wine per evening and men should never have over two glasses. Red wine, especially, seems to raise the good (HDL) cholesterol.

One habit you should nurture when switching to the Mediterranean diet is to take time and savour each bite, experiencing the textures and tasting the freshness and goodness of the food.

Finally,share meals with friends and family whenever possible.

The Mediterranean diet is tasty,healthy,varied and fun; and it delivers a beneficial lifestyle change.

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