Get on yer bike!

Last week, I became the proud owner of a flexible friend. No, not a money guzzling credit card,but a folding bike that will not bend my wallet to fuel it. This  purchase is in part a new regime of mine to become fitter, and also in part a drive to find and enjoy interesting and pleasant country areas, with good level tracks for ease of peddling. I hope to develop this healthy outdoor interest over the next few months and years. When walking becomes more difficult as one grows older, cycling can lift the restriction on distance covered. It is, of course, essential to check out any medical problems with a doctor before embarking on unaccustomed exercise like this. But having checked this out, I am now looking forward to broadening my horizons.

Unlike the urban or city commuter, I shall be avoiding the hurly burly and hazards of the main roadways. My conveyance will be travelling on the quieter routes.   I shall perhaps be coming back in the near future with news of my intrepid adventures on (smallish) wheels. Oh, I did not say what model I purchased.If you are interested, it is one of the Dahon range. You can find further information on dealers and available model range on a website at . I have no specific information on other folding bikes, of which there are a few, so I cannot draw comparison, but you can try these names:

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