How green spaces make you feel better

potted glory

Green spaces provide areas where you can relax and de-stress from the turbulence of modern living, and help your physical and mental health and wellbeing.They are also good for the environment.

You don’t need a large area in which to create your own green space at home.If you have recently downsized to an apartment, where space for a garden is severely restricted, this idea may particularly appeal to you.With a little thought, you can bring a sense of the country into your own living space with some oxygenating plants in containers,and perhaps a water feature.Even a balcony or patio can be transformed into a container garden easy on the eye and the ear.If space permits you may wish to extend it into an even more environmentally-friendly area.

Your green space can serve many functions.It can provide a buffer for noise,a refuge, or simply be a place in which you can be calm and relax.

A green space can have any function that you want it to have. They can be noise buffers, recreational, a refuge or simply to relax and calm you. No matter what size your garden space, you can incorporate elements that make it your very own green space.

If you only have a patio and a very narrow garden area, you can create a low-maintenance area by dividing it into two spaces – one, a paved patio and the other a useful deck. By adding various container plants (a flower box works well attached to a fence) and a stone wall water fountain among the plants you can produce an interesting mix of colours and sound.

A key benefit of this type of gardening is that costs can be kept low, and weeding and fertilisation can be kept to a minimum giving you more time to enjoy your space.

A larger area for use gives you the opportunity to incorporate a design, including a small kitchen and dining area in which to entertain;with herbs, and maybe also vegetables, at hand to cook with; a small pond with fish and aquatic plants;and a place to relax with a good book.

herbs and garden tools
herbs and garden tools by gorilla (c)/dollarphotoclub

Your green space can be made to suit your lifestyle,while being helpful both to body and mind.To help you in your research here are 10 small garden ideas.

When considering what containers to use for your plants you can repurpose almost any disused receptacle: old buckets,wooden crates and barrels,coppers and kettles,ceramic bowls, for example.If you want to visit a supplier of suitable containers, you might try:

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