How to commemorate the centenary of the First World War

from Flanders field During this year many events will take place to commemorate the start in 1914 of the First World War. In the UK and in many countries across the world the War had a devastating impact claiming a total of over 16 million lives.

The centenary will be marked with a great number of public acts of remembrance from 2014 through to 2018. Many organisations have been preparing to play their part. English Heritage,responsible for over 400 historic sites, many of which played a part in events and people’s lives during the WW1 period, is one such intending to play host to members of the public and allowing them to participate in visits,events and projects. So if you are looking for a great day out with family, or you are up for more involvement, you should have a look at the calendar of things suggested at the English Heritage site.In partnership with the Council of British Archaeology, EH is looking at ‘lost’ sites of historical importance, including a WW1 training camp which has turned-up interesting finds connected to overseas soldiers who had trained at it. There maybe opportunities for you to join in and become ‘hands-on’. Of course to enjoy the full benefits of what EH has to offer, you will be required to take-out membership. There are,however, generous concessionary rates on offer, and children can often visit free at most properties. Membership apart, the EH site is well worth looking at for the wealth of information and photos it provides, including little known facts about the WW1 years and special images from its archives. Look for a World War 1 event at an English Heritage property near you this year which has been particularly dedicated to the horses and riders who played their part on all the battle fronts – there will be talks,music,and kid’s activities.You will also receive an insight into the lives of those who served on the Home Front. Of course, there there will many more ways through organisations to commemorate this most important historic time 100 years ago. They will range from local churches arranging remembrance services and fairs to commemoration arranged at a national level arranged perhaps to take place in London and other major cities in the UK.

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