How to get active in your 60s,70s and beyond


The Daily Telegraph reports that new research concludes that sitting for hours a day speeds ageing. This shows how important it is, particularly as we become older,that we take regular periods of physical movement throughout the day, and not live a sedentary lifestyle so as,literally, to shorten our lives and reduce quality of life.

So let’s MOVE IT! 

This could be an intro for a book : SOD SITTING Get Moving! by authors Diana Moran and Muir Gray.

In order to do what is required for our good health a guide book is essential to ensure that we stick to our task.Well, we are in luck!

Diana Moran and Muir Gray have written such a guide that you can keep close at your side for a daily exercise routine.It’s clear message and course of instruction will get and keep you active in your 60s,70s and beyond.Specifically written for older adults, the authors have come up with exercise ideas which will stretch you but not overtax you. Famous for being the BBC’s Green Goddess fitness expert in the 1980s,35 years later Diana Moran still works as a health and fitness guru,broadcaster and writer.In her late 70s Diana practices what she preaches,remaining fit and healthy by staying active year by year.

Her co-author, Sir Muir Gray is the bestselling author of Sod Seventy! and co-author of Sod Sixty! and Sod It!Eat Well.Muir was the first Chief Knowledge Officer for the NHS national Screening Programmes,establishing programmes for cancer and aortic aneurysm screening specifically for older people.He is consultant in Public Health at Oxford University Hospitals and a professor at the University.

Stand up for your health

SOD SITTING Get Moving! will take you through a process of understanding why exercise is so important for us as we grow older so that we can maximise the opportunity of enjoying an active life in later life.This is a detailed roadmap that readers of any age can benefit from with easy to follow exercises illustrated in line drawings so well and entertainingly by David Mostyn,illustrator of The Beano and The Dandy.

The Premise

As we get older too many of us spend our time sitting and not exercising.But you can truly follow this guidebook and regardless of your age or level of health or fitness regular improvements in fitness and stamina will reward you with more physical flexibility and energy to enjoy doing the things you feel you should be able to do.

Now you can easily plan an exercise programme to suit you in your own home.No expensive gym fees and very little equipment are required for your success. There is a catch,of course,in all this.Some regular effort is required on your part.So you can learn what is good for you and why.

Book Organisation

SOD SITTING Get Moving! comprises a section (Sixty plus?Time to get moving) on being sixty plus, and an introduction explains why we need to get moving; the rest of the content is in 3 parts, with a full index at the end.

Part 1 is about getting older and the lifestyle choices.We are reminded that life changes, as we age, for so many reasons.It maybe that challenges stem from family growing-up,becoming a grandparent,retirement or career change,or perhaps health issues. As the authors say it is ’sink or swim’ time if these challenges are to be dealt with and the best chance of improving or maintaining quality of life opportunities.

Part 2 details 97 exercises (‘the how’) which comprehensively covers all areas of the body in a balanced way.The keynote message clearly is : Only building-up the biceps to a level where you can crack nuts will not derive maximum bodily benefit overall. Many of the exercises can be managed in a seated position, and cautionary instruction is added where a particular exercise may require a certain level of flexibility and fitness to achieve it properly.

Part 3 finishes with an essential 5-a-day exercise plan, leading to one of 10-a-day as fitness improves,and is for :

-Mobility Problems

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Who Benefits

The essence for me of the book’s idea of a personal exercise plan is summed-up by Diana Moran in one paragraph:

At the age of 77 I’m determined not only to get get moving but to keep moving for as long as I possibly can.My ‘Sod it ,get moving’ exercise plan consists of simple exercises specially designed for people who are largely neglected by the fitness industry. It’s for those of us who are later in life;those who haven’t exercised ion awhile; and those who can’t do the type of exercise they used to. It also involves a range of exercises specially designed for the less active to perform in the comfort of their own living room, and even while sitting down.

If this is for you and you want to make even incremental improvements in your fitness and wellbeing this book is a great and inexpensive investment.It is filled with tips that can make a real difference to you.

You can have your copy of SOD SITTING Get Moving! delivered to your home,your Kindle or your Kindle reader, and you can find it by clicking on the link below.
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Sod Sitting, Get Moving!: Getting Active in Your 60s, 70s and Beyond

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