How to make money writing in retirement on HubPages

So you are retired ,and suddenly you have more time on your hands than before. You have had that well earned long holiday you promised yourself. Now what to do? As work commitments have receded, and the children  now fully grown have flown the nest, you may want to stay gainfully occupied both for profit and enjoyment. How about writing to earn some money? Well now you can.Please read on.

You may have hankered to join the internet revolution, and have your own website, but you have not been sure how to start, or know what  your site should be about. Oh,and time, of course has always been an issue before. By opening an account – free to join- at HubPages, you will have an opportunity to write short articles,and have a few,or even hundreds, of websites in your name. At no charge, and with minimal online experience ,you can quickly join a writing community. Your ‘mini-websites’ can earn an income for you. However, you have to know, this is no ‘get-rich-quick’ opportunity. Building-up to a significant regular income is a slow process that can take at the very least a few months to achieve, but many writers have been very successful.The details are at HubPages.

I am a ‘newbie’ with Hubpages. You can see my early efforts in the box over at the righthand side of this page. Do take a look.Each topic link will take you into the site.

Over the next few weeks, I shall be reporting on the60life website the progress I have made. Hopefully I can bring you the benefit of mistakes I have made , so you can avoid them,or insights gleaned,tips for maximising your earnings, on HubPages.

This is truly a great way to develop any writing skills you have, or would like, and write about subjects of particular interest to you.

If you do join HubPages – I do not gain any monetary payment if you do – please don’t forget to share your experiences with us by leaving your comments. We may learn from you! I do believe this is a real deal and must be of great interest for many readers of the60life



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