How to stay alive and enjoy life more

This sound like something that would interest you? The benefits of keeping physically fit seem rather obvious at whatever age you are. So why is it that when we get older we feel the need to stop having an active life altogether? Rather than merely slowing down a little, but keeping body and mind in good running order commensurate with our age and taking into account our physical limitations, we settle for the ‘easy life.’The easy life begins to define the reality and limit of our abilities;it is not taxing, but comfortable. This can often result in a lethal spiral leading  to feelings of unhappiness and lack of self-worth. In a Daily Mail Online report the stark warning  to the over-70s from the medical experts  is : Don’t suffer death by Armchair.

It seems whatever your state of health, you can improve it and gain a noticeably more active and enjoyable life. If you are restricted by disability,you should consult your GP to discuss what you would like to achieve, and you will probably be most surprised at what is possible, to achieve safely and reliably.

A website focused on encouraging older people to adopt a keep-fit mindset is run by Gina Jones who herself fought a debilitating spinal injury. She acknowledges that though not easy, keeping fit when you get older is so worthwhile for wellness. You can begin to enjoy life more ,and with greater confidence. Take a big step and find out more. For a start, visit the Home Exercise & Rehabilitaion website here…

Another useful source of health information can be found at


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