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holiday home winterisation tips

Now is the Winter approaching.In the UK, we have had a severe foretaste of what is possibly to come. Without adequate protection and some simple precautions, cold, rain, ice and snow can cause damage to static caravans or chalets.For a checklist of things you can do to secure and protect your property both internally and externally…

Holiday Home Winterisation Checklist

Interiors – Protect against cold, air pollution and vermin infestation

More particularly –

  • Vacuum clean thoroughly and clean hard surfaces
  • Clean kitchen, floors and surfaces
  • For greater air circulation to keep down mildew leave cupboard, wardrobes, lockers ajar
  • Leave no food or other consumables that rodents and vermin may be attracted to
  • Defrost fridges, leaving the doors ajar
  • Taps and shower, drain and leave open
  • Drain all water heaters in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendation
  • Flush toilets and drain all water from cistern
  • Remove and disconnect external drain-off cocks
  • Add antifreeze/salt to all traps, toilets and showers
  • Smear window hinges with light oil or petroleum jelly
  • Check all internal and external exposed piping has sufficient lagging
  • Set central heating to frost control
  • Turn-off water
  • Check all air vents are free of any blockage
  • Leave window curtains open (for better air circulation), and remove valuable equipment and possessions which maybe on view from outside to deter a break-in.
  • Finally, check any holiday home handbook you have for any specific advice on winter preparation to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

NB If you are unable to do all of the above yourself , you should try to use the services of a person qualified to do this type of work; and, if the park provide these services where your holiday home is situated, so much the better.Though doing this may not totally guarantee that damage from winter weather will not occur, it could ensure that a significant remedial cost will be avoided. Also, you maybe less likely to be found in breach of your conditions of insurance should you need to make a claim.

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