It’s not too late to think about your financial security



22nd July 2010

  • Is there a writing bug, and do you have it?


  • It’s never too late to think of financial security


  • Gas and electricity prices: who has the real deal?



This week, I have assumed that, as you clicked through to join the 60life weekly group, and also to obtain my free e-book, that one of our shared interests over time will be writing. Below is a very useful resource I have found for you…


 Is there a writing bug, and do you have it?


…Although I do not know your level of interest in, or experience of, writing, my intention in drawing your attention to the link below is to provide a link to an excellent new introductory resource which I hope many looking to take-up writing again, possibly for the very first time, (and an interest in books) will find very useful.

Booktrust  : ” Creative writing can be something very private. From jotting down your thoughts in a diary to composing a love letter, or writing something for the world to see: setting up a blog or even writing your own biography or novel.

All you need is a pen, some paper and a small bit of inspiration…

…Independent reading charity Booktrust [has launched] its first project aimed at engaging over 60s in reading and creative writing. Bookbite,[ launched on 8th February], is designed to “encourage those who rarely or never read books to engage more in reading and writing for pleasure, using the internet to access additional resources where and when possible”.

For some writing tips you should check this out:  Here you will find case studies, tips, resources, and great encouragement.

In later issues, I shall be looking at writing for both pleasure and profit.


 It’s never too late to think of financial security



Flexible funds to help weather the current economic storm.


At a time when a number of index-linked products have been withdrawn by National Savings and Investment

The Daily Telegraph reports that:

‘Stock markets are unpredictable at the best of times, but the economic turmoil of the past few years has left many fund managers wondering which way to turn…

“In my 20 years as a fund manager I’ve never had to work in such uncertain times,” said Ian Spreadbury, Fidelity’s strategic bond manager. “It isn’t clear whether we are heading into recovery or back into recession, whether this will herald an inflationary period or a prolonged deflationary one, or what will happen to interest rates.”

Cautious investors are hedging their bets by flocking to risk-averse funds that claim to offer flexibility to weather whatever storms lie ahead. Absolute return funds are top of the popularity tables, with cautious managed and strategic bond funds making up the remainder of the top 10.’


You can read the full report here

As promised, I am including Simple Financial Management in Retirement, a special free report prepared for you this week.

This is at


Gas and electricity prices: who has the real deal?


Now may be a good time to review what you are paying for domestic fuel.You have last winter’s bills by now, and with the lower demand

from customers in the warmer months suppliers may have a better deal for you. In any event, it is a good idea to check out regularly how your current charges compare with others.

This is not always an easy exercise but you could take some help from an independent online energy price comparison service. I can report that has teamed up with say: We compare gas and electricity suppliers and help people switch to the cheapest deal!

‘We compare the whole market so you won’t find any deal cheaper elsewhere, no other website, doorknocker or energy supplier can beat that!

It’s completely free, the service provided is paid by commission we receive from suppliers when you switch on our website.

We are completely impartial, we list all tariffs from all suppliers, including those suppliers who do not pay us commission. We are accredited by the consumer focus confidence code so you can be sure the website compares all tariffs in a fair and impartial way.

You can save up to £350 by taking just five minutes to switch your energy supplier.

Start your comparison by entering your postcode above, and see how much you can save!’

In the next issue, I’ve got for you news and tips about:

  • further developing your creative writing skills
  • a way to fitness at a stretch
  • saving money with a late summer travel offer


Look out for your next issue on 29th July.

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