Live longer and prosper

This may be likened to a familiar sci-fi homily, but it can be growing reality and life choice for many people in or approaching their 60s and 70s. Currently bombarded with a welter of figures from the Office of national Statistics, we are learning that  people are living longer [see earlier post]and also working longer than ever before.This maybe because of economic necessity, or a wish to remain active and involved, or both. A recent survey by Saga and the National Endowment for Science,technology and Arts (Nesta) has found that of 13,000 respondents nine out of ten older workers say retirement should be about ability to work,not merely age. So if you are able and want to work beyond a certain age, the statistics suggest that if the opportunities to work arise (and so often do, if we look in the right places) you will be around to do so.For more…

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