Long Term Care:Will you be able to afford it?

Now that the battle lines have been drawn for the next UK General Election, the main political parties will be focusing their attention on attracting voters to their policies. High on the list will be the NHS, and what each will do for it given the power of government. Within the NHS there is the ticking time bomb that is the paying for Long Term Care for the Elderly.

We are already seeing something of the growing problem of caring for these folk. Many, today, can expect to live around 20 years beyond the current retirement age of 65. Most of them under the present rules have to sell their homes to cover the cost of residential and nursing care. Only when their assets have reduced to £23,000 will the local authorities provide any financial help.

The ‘would-be’ government representatives will, over the next few weeks at the hustings, be wooing the voters with their policies. The stark truth is that the problem of the growing number of people who will require help in their later years cannot now be ducked, as before. It now needs an early fix for the long term. So you will hear much talk of insurance schemes,death taxes and other means of contributing towards the care you may one day need. The debate will rage on.

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In later posts we shall lift the mood a little!

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