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21st October 2010

· More creative writing tips for you

· Could you profit from writing and publishing an e-book?
· This one’s for the guys: this simple test could save your life


This week, the news in the UK is full of the Government’s announced spending cuts, and their likely impact on services, benefits, and employment… but last week, there was news that could be very good soon for men of a certain age…check it out…

Check this out. A simple test may save a man’s life
Occasionally, we have to look at the hard stuff: According to a report on the website, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK with new cases reported annually. Every year about 10,000 men die of the disease.

However, scientists may have found a way to create the first effective urine test for prostate cancer, reports the Nursing Times.

‘A protein called MSMB found in urine is present at a lower level in men who have the disease. Its level also seems to be influenced by how aggressive the cancer is.

‘Hayley Whitaker, from Cancer Research UK charity’s Cambridge Research Institute, where the study was carried out, said: “We looked in tissue and urine from over 350 men with and without prostate cancer to find out how much MSMB they had. We then looked to see who had the genetic change. It was really exciting to find out that the genetic change and the amount of protein were linked.’

“The protein is easy to detect because it is found in urine and would potentially be a very simple test to carry out on men to identify those most at risk of developing the disease.”

Look after yourselves. Check it out



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More creative writing tips for you


Michele Roberts as the Writer-in-Residence at Bookbite has a new blog on its website, providing writing tips. She was born in 1949, and has published 20 books of fiction, poetry and essays. Her novel ‘Daughters of the House’ won the WH Smith Award and was shortlisted for the Booker Prize.

You can now follow her tips on her blog at

more writing tips for you

This week on her blog she’s looking at: re-writing, re-discovering and working with the negative

more writing tips for you


Did you know? Authors who started writing in their later years include Kenneth Grahame, who wrote’ The Wind in the Willows’ in his retirement, and Frank McCourt, who had ‘Angela’s Ashes’ published when he was 66.


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