On the Pilgrim’s Way for Helplink


Cathedral de Compostela by ramonespelt for dollarphotoclub
Cathedral de Compostela by ramonespelt for dollarphotoclub

As we head towards Easter, Ian Cochran is heading away from the Pyrenees and on towards Santiago de Compostela and the fifty odd miles beyond to Cape Finistere, having set out on his 571 mile walk for charity on 28th March. Self-funded,70 year-old Ian,who is a diabetic, intends to complete his walk in 58 days and to raise much needed money in sponsorship for Helplink Community Support based on the Wirral. This 20 year-old charity helps not only elderly but other needy,vulnerable and disabled Wirral residents. Practical assistance is at the heart of the charitable work which is carried out by an army of approximately 100 volunteers. Without further funding a service currently providing invaluable help to over 800 people is at risk.

The Pilgrim’s Way, also known as the Way of St James, is followed by pilgrims and tourists who use the ancient routes across Galicia in Northern Spain. The tomb of St James at Santiago is supposed to have been discovered in the 9th century and is known world-wide as a religious shrine of great importance.Ian will be looking to put in at least 5 hours walking per day. While the going under foot on the camino (“way”) is generally good walking, it is the amount of walking day after day for a period of over 50 days that is very demanding, and hard on the feet!

Good luck Ian! As I write he has 52 days left to go!

You can follow his progress at the Helplink website.If you wish to sponsor him during this valiant project you can do this at www.justgiving.com


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