Online access boosted by the tablets

Smiling senior woman using digital tablet while lying at the parkRecent official statistics show a positive trend in the use of available online access by the over 65s. Over one third are using the internet regularly.The Office of National Statistics (ONS) says that for the first time, over half of those in the age range 65-74 now have access to the internet at home.

Although this is greatly encouraging,there is still a great number of people for whom the digital revolution has had little or no impact. It is reckoned that there are still 5 million people over the age of 65 who have never been online.

With this high number in mind, government and many charities are actively promoting the benefits and confidence that skills on the internet can bring to older people. Apart from the many ways to cut domestic bills and other spending by being online, many people find that they are less isolated by being more connected with family,friends and the world at large. Age UK, provides information about the value of these internet skills, together with details of suitably tailored courses.

Some further ONS stats are:

“While nine out of ten adults (90 per cent) aged 35-44 have the internet at home, this falls to just a quarter (26 per cent) of over 75s. And while virtually all (99 per cent) 25-34s own a mobile phone, only half (51 per cent) of over 75s own a mobile, with this age group more likely to have a landline (94 per cent) than 16-24s (67 per cent).” It is also interesting to note that when asked what media would be missed the most, people aged over 75 are also far more likely to miss their TVs the most (65 per cent), and then the radio (15 per cent).  Young adults aged 16-24,however, would miss their mobile phone the most(28 per cent), followed by the internet (26 per cent) and TV (23 per cent).”

The over 65s play catch-up

The ONS says there is evidence, however, that older age groups are getting to grips with technology.For the first time, over half (55 per cent) of those aged 65-74 have access to the internet at home while over three quarters (77 per cent) now have a mobile.

And the tablets?

Well, tablets like the iPad have grown dramatically in popularity being a handy mobile device of choice for would be silver surfers of the net.The tablet is seen as a driver in the surge of internet access by older people.

If you know of family or friends seeking or needing to join the digital revolution, why not help them look out for a course nearby on computers and the internet.Indeed,you may be interested in learning more of the wide range of the fascinating information you can ‘tap into’ on a daily basis. It is such a valuable facility that can enhance the quality of life. Another source of inspiration for you maybe silver surfers training. Please do let me know how you get on.Feedback may help me to find other resources that could be helpful. You can stay in touch by signing-up for my newsletter, which among other topical things will have some further information from time to time on joining the online community.

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