Retirement Jobs – Part-time or Contract?

For many retirees or for those about to retire, working after retirement is not just an option, it’s a mandatory survival requirement.  The trick is to find a way to enjoy retirement while continuing to generate income.  Many retirees are unsure of whether to take on a part-time retirement job or to start a retirement consulting job.  Both options have their pros and cons depending on what the individual is looking for and what are their specific goals and priorities.


Part-time jobs for seniors are the traditional route that many retirees take.  Part-time jobs offer workers the ability to have a steady income, have a set work schedule, and have enough time off to enjoy ongoing hobbies and activities.   Finding part-time employment for seniors is relatively easy as there is a growing trend to hire retirees for jobs that historically have been offered to the entry level work force.  These types of retirement jobs are usually found in the customer service sector of various industries.


But retiree jobs like this may not be for everyone.  Many retirees have spent 30+ years developing a set of advanced skills and experience.  Taking on a part-time job that has minimal requirements may not offer the challenge that is required to stay engaged and interested.  So a growing number of seniors are choosing to transition into a consulting job or a short term contract position.  Consulting jobs for retired workers are fast becoming the more popular option for workers who want to continue to utilize their years of knowledge and expertise.  Retirees considering a consulting job should ask themselves the following questions to determine if they have the right personality fit to become a consultant:  Are you able to work independently and be self-employed?  Are you comfortable working long hours and unconventional schedules? Do you have skills, knowledge and experience that companies will pay for?  Do you have the people skills to makes sales and manage clients?  Are you a risk taker?


Retirees need to weigh the pros and cons of both options to determine which one is the best path to reach their goals.   Once a decision is made, the good news is that there are more senior citizen job opportunities than ever before.  For more information about how to start a consulting business, landing consulting jobs and sourcing experienced consultants, go to

Kellie Reamer has been an Executive Recruiter/Headhunter for 8 years. Her expertise is focused on sourcing, hiring and retaining employees as well as preparing, coaching and mentoring job seekers. The majority of her experience has been focused on senior level job opportunities for medium to large organizations.


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