Revealed the 6 food types to cut your cholesterol

Fotosearch_k9216838The old cliche, you are in health what you eat is as true today as it has ever been,according to a recent report in the Daily Mail. There are ,for example,food types which can effect our health in a positive way by helping to lower high cholesterol levels. As high cholesterol is frequently blamed as a key factor in developing heart disease.To me, this is encouraging. Eat well, stay well.But how?

Information overload…?

…The information out there is confusing.There is a lot of it.The clear message coming through is that you can protect yourself with  simple changes in diet and lifestyle. So let’s take the diet and food angle. This alone can significantly reduce cholesterol levels. The trick seems to be to use specific types of cholesterol-busting foods in certain daily amounts. The Daily Mail features expert advice received , including guidelines on changing your  daily food diet, and recommended consumption of the following six foods to introduce into the diet mix:

1. Smart Foods




Also de-mystified,is the question: What is  good and bad cholesterol all about?

And before you go, there’s more useful information provided by the British Heart Foundation which is currently running its Love Your heart Campaign bringing tips and expert advice to change our lives. It’s never to late to benefit from simple changes to diet, and also give us further benefit from appropriate (for our time of life) exercise routines and lifestyle changes.

Austerity diet rules?

No.Not okay. This is not in the message. Lowering your cholesterol is also about working within a low-fat diet. In following a balanced heart healthy diet,total deprivation from all those things you love to eat like cheese and chocolate is not the name of the game. Eggs, too, are good for you.






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