Reverse the effects of inflammation in the arteries with the Mediterranean Diet

Italian food ingredients on wooden background (dollarphotoclub)
Italian food ingredients on wooden background (dollarphotoclub)


Enjoy the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.

You may worry about inflammatory disease such as arthritis or hardening of the arteries which can cause heart problems, many cancers and even Alzheimer’s disease. It’s very important that you discuss with your doctor any treatment that’s right for you. But, the good news is that you can help prevent or reduce the symptoms of these chronic diseases by adheringto a healthy diet plan.

With the Mediterranean diet plan you have all of the nutrients and minerals needed to help prevent these serious illnesses and can also help to alleviate the symptoms if you have already been diagnosed. Inflammation and hardening of the arteries could be caused by several factors including genetics, lack of exercise, stress and toxins in the diet and environment.

The Med-diet plan isn’t just a way to lose weight, but you can lose unwanted pounds on the diet. This all-encompassing diet can help with reducing or eliminating inflammation that can lead to hardening of the arteries and it:

  1.  Offers a wide variety of foods, including fresh foods and lack of processed and fast foods.
    Places main emphasis on eating an abundance of vegetables and fruits.
  2. Includes acceptable fat, protein and carbohydrates in each meal.
  3.  Encourages the consumption of whole grains like brown rice and whole grain bread rather than white breads and pasta.
  4. Also legumes (beans), squashes and sweet potatoes.
  5.  Avoids high fructose corn syrup products.
  6.  Cooks with olive oil or other non-saturated fat oils and avoids corn oil and mixed vegetable oils.
  7. Avoids products made with partially hydrogenated oils.
  8.  Includes nuts and avocados in your diet plan.
  9. Advocates eating lots of foods containing Omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon or sardines.
  10. Also includes eggs and non-fat dairy in your diet providing much needed protein.
  11.  Promotes the importance of reading of the labels of cereal packets prior to purchase to be sure they’re good fibre sources.
  12. Uses the colour spectrum to get the most out of your consumption of fruits and vegetables. Berries, oranges, dark leafy greens and tomatoes are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals to reduce health risks.

Hardening of the arteries is a great worry to those who are aging and may have lived a lifestyle which can trigger the symptoms.Lifestyle changes for a healthier life include: regular exercise,no smoking,less alcohol intake and a beneficial diet.

When you embark on the Mediterranean lifestyle, you’ll likely enjoy your food more than ever. All meals and snacks are designed around the Golden Pyramid of the food groups which provide every nutrient you need to enjoy a healthy life and prevent such diseases as diabetes and cancer.

Research the Mediterranean diet plan and find all the benefits it can have for you.You can start to renew and energise yourself today.


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