Short walk to a longer healthier life

Apparently, we in Britain are some of the most inactive people in the world. One third of us cannot manage even a 30 minute walk every week.Result: 37,000 lives are lost that might otherwise be saved from premature death. Many of us succumb to diabetes and heart disease, and assorted cancers. So what to do? We can schedule 20 minutes a day for a walk , and do it! Can’t we? A good walk of this short duration can boost our natural disease killer cells, help curb inflammation within our bodies,and privent damage to our ‘energy battery cells’. I’m in. Oh, and by the way, a good daily walk can actually be, well, fun relaxing and fun. If you are up for a healthier life-style do have a look at this recent report from the Daily Mail.

A short walk of just 20 minutes could be a life changer for you. Others who say so are:


MacMillan Cancer Support

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