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Akuppa John Wigham creative commons
Akuppa John Wigham creative commons

If you have visited a good bookshop recently you will probably have noticed the groaning shelves straining to support the great number of books written about the simple meditative state of awareness which is called mindfulness.Largely unknown in the West until the 1970s, Asian religions have been been practising meditation techniques,including mindfulness, since around 5th and 6th BCE.

What is mindfulness?Emma Roberts ,managing director, Pause for Thought, says, for her it is a way of being present in the here and now with loving compassion which begins with yourself and extends to others. she also believes it is a process of maintaining a good sense of health and wellness emotionally and physically.To read more below.

There is certainly a need for something that will help to overcome the feeling of overwhelm that our modern way of life can cloak about us heavily often creating stress and anxiety that can lead to ill health both mentally and physically.

The sheer volume of words now being written on the subject suggests complexity and hard study. My take on this is that there are aspects around mindfulness which can merit a more lenghty discourse for those with the time and inclination. However,the essence of a process to reducing stress with a form of living in the present can be gleaned quite quickly and beneficially.

Some recent views are:

How can health and care professionals use mindfulness? – The Guardian

“The GuardianEmma Roberts, managing director, Pause for Thought and guest lecturer on mindfulness at Bradford University: Mindfulness for me a way of being in the world, being present i …”

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Akuppa John Wigham creative commons
Akuppa John Wigham creative commons

Path of mindfulness – Kathmandu Post
” The third International Buddhist Conference held in Kathmandu last month, followed by the 2560th Buddha Jayanti celebration in Lumbini, concluded with the 10-point Lumbini Declaration that s …

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Why I Believe Everyone Should Learn Mindfulness and Meditation to Save Lives and Save the World – Huffington Post

“Though I began teaching mindfulness and meditation practices over 12 years ago, personally I have been meditating for twenty five years. I s …”

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Of the several books, of the many I could have chosen on the subject, I would recommend Simon Parke’s: “One Minute Mindfulness”.Some 217 pages, this gem of a book devotes a page to each thought or topic about Mindfulness he coveres wrapped in a story. Yes, it’s a fine collection of very short stories, easily digestable and clearly expresses the essence of the subject. It’s bite size pieces make this the ideal book to pick-up and put-down as time permits. It is not hard work, and It lends itself to be an occasional read, and an excellent complement to your reading matter at bedtime.

To Simon Clarke, Mindfulness is awarenes of your present experience with acceptance.

He is well qualified to deal with the subject which he has written about ,having worked with the NHS, social services and European banks in staff support and personal development.he leads retreats and is CEO of “The Mind Clinic” which takes mindful listening into the work place.

One-Minute Mindfulness: How to Live in the MomentOne-Minute Mindfulness: How to Live in the Moment

This book maybe a little too simplistic for those who maybe searching for a deeper understanding of certain aspects of practising mindfulness. It is couched in a series of parable-like thought stories. Does for me. I still pick my copy up quite frequently to “refresh” on a particular thought or topic that has caught my eye or helped me.

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