So what’s being done about soaring home energy costs in the UK?

A key part of our well being is to be able to afford the necessities of life, including energy to heat our homes. This is to state the obvious but as we begin again to look forward to the ever shortening days of sunlight and colder weather a key question is non the less : what is being done to curb the ever rising cost of gas and electricity in the UK? – up twice as much on average over five years ago, according to TV news coverage this morning.

According to an exclusive report on the website: “Politicians, consumer groups, the regulator and suppliers will attend a crunch energy summit to tackle soaring gas and electricity costs on Monday afternoon. Prime Minister David Cameron (pictured, right) and Energy Secretary Chris Huhne, who are both attending, write exclusively for below outlining their plans…”

Well let’s hope that some positive action comes out of thes discussions. One of the key points seems to be to make it easier for the consumer to compare the tariffs of the top energy suppliers. By making their bills easier to understand and a clear comparison to be made, these companies will enable each and every one of us to more easily ‘shop around’ for the most appropriate deals.

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