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Over recent years,there have been academic studies which have concluded that sitting down too much during each day is bad for us, and may significantly reduce our lives, perhaps by several years.


Standing too much,too, may also not be good either. What seems to be important from all these studies is regular physical movement. So if you are inclined in the day to sit a great deal for whatever reason, it is beneficial to move about say every 20 minutes,or so. Why not programme into your day, if you are stuck at home for instance; a regular cup of tea(which you get up and make yourself), or make a bed ;or perhaps  potter in the garden if the weather permits; or do that small fixing job you’ve been meaning to do for a while.

Taking regular light exercise, whether at home or at work which breaks up otherwise lengthy sedentary periods during the day may help ward off long term health issues which can arise from excessive sitting. Now it is easy to read these academic reports and terrify ourselves with the long words and dire consequences described, the easy bit though seems to be  a truly simple solution – we just need to get off our butts more each day.

The sooner we start the better, but it is never too late too tweek our lifestyles a little – small adjustments make a big difference according to most of the studies on the dangers of excessive sitting.

How long do you sit down on average each day? Apparently, according to the Daily Telegraph some figures show some of us in the UK spending up to 14 hours per day sitting down!

So let’s MOVE IT!

Looking at the wider opportunities for  taking regular appropriate exercise, may I leave you today with a great link to exercise tips you can consider  building into your lifestyle practice. For those who don’t swim there is a great section on swimming. It is never too late to learn.Let me know how you get on.Maybe you have tips to benefit others.


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