Study shows men get happier as they grow older

So Victor Meldrew, beloved leading fictional character in a once long running  BBC TV sitcom series,’One Foot In The Grave’, should be looked on as much misunderstood.

According to a correspondent for the Kansas City Star newspaper : ‘the perception of the elderly as a bunch of wrinkled curmudgeons who mope around the house looking deflated and defeated is wrong. And that misperception has prevented many elderly from being diagnosed and treated for depression.

‘Apparently, men do not get meaner, irritable and more sarcastic as they get older. In fact, among the men participating in the Study of Adult Development — the longest longitudinal study of adult life ever conducted — men seem to get happier as they get older.The study has followed two groups of men for 68 years: 268 men who graduated from Harvard University and 456 men who grew up in the urban neighborhoods of Boston.

‘Depression in men, characterized by irritability and anger (and sarcasm is a form of anger) did not increase with age, according to the study ‘,carried out at the Department of Psychiatry at Brigham and Women’s Hospital of Harvard’s medical school.

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