Super Sixty-somethings

Sticking to the celebration theme of last time, how about the cult of the super sixty-somethings? My attention was drawn to the fact that Sting (formerly of The Police rock band) is in his sixtieth year, and will celebrate his next birthday on 27th September. Encouraging, too, is that he looks in very good form, which I hear  he puts down mainly to having a ‘slim frame’,a  happy marriage, and pilates.

The Times at the weekend, too, was taken with the Super Sixties who were said to be having it all. A peaceful retirement was not in the mindset of  many in a report including a DJ,( 68); male model (67); magazine editor (60); and designer (63).  Emma Soames,(60), editor-at-large of Saga magazine,and looking good herself, reports on the changing lifestyle choices available and being taken by the baby-boomers now reaching pension age (that is,the age that  it is at the moment). Shorn of tying young family and financial commitments,  apparently, with health improvements from medical advances, and a life expectancy for a man likely to be to age 85 (in 1950 this was 67), the super sixty-somethings are making radical choices more in common with forty-somethings than 7o year-olds. Travel rather than ‘a slippers by the fire’ existance is becoming more the norm for a quality of life.

The pin-up of the piece goes to designer Diane von Furstenberg who adorned the Times weekend magazine cover. Her last birthday was reported here

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