Baby Boomer Health – Advice About Baby Boomers And Retirement

The topic of baby boomer health is popular these days as more and more people from this age group are becoming senior citizens and approaching retirement age.  This age group is well known for being in denial about aging and financial planning,

However, reality has begun to show it’s face.  Thus, there are many issues that directly affect the baby boomer generation that need to be considered, especially with today’s economy being the way it is.

According to media RKR, which publishes a book about “Baby Boomers Health And Retirement” website — — pointed out;

“..It has been often said that the mindset of a typical baby boomers is to avoid planning for their demise as well as long term financial planning.  However, this mindset is quickly changing, as managing aging and end of life issues are becoming center stage…”

“…With the baby boomers rapidly approaching retirement, here are the top factors that are of major concern:

– Understanding The Process Of Aging
– Avoiding Alzheimer’s Disease
– A Plan For Staying Physically Fit
– Planning A Proper Diet
– Keeping The Heart Healthy
– Vitamin And Mineral Supplements For Anti-Aging
– Reducing Sugar Intake To Avoid Contracting Diabetes
– Improving Time Management Skills
– Stress Management Techniques
– Financial Management Strategies
– Starting A Second Career

…if you are, or someone you know is a baby boomer, then now is the time to get your hands on information that offers tips and advice about how to enjoy your golden years, in good physical and financial health.” …

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Find out more about the Pros and Cons of Over 50 Life Insurance

Article by Soul Patel

Life insurance is often a difficult matter to handle as it may bring you to think about the practicalities of your own death which is not easy for anybody. It is also a comforting thought that the lump sum of cash left behind can clear any debts you may have, left to a grandchild, or cover the expense of a funeral. Most of the UK insurance providers do not require a medical checkup and for those aged 50 or older the good news is that the process is somewhat easier because of over 50s life insurance. It is also quite easy to set up an over 50 life insurance policy with the entire process able to be completed within only a few days. In the case of death, there is a lump sum of cash paid out, and this sum is paid out irrespective of the age at which death occurs.

However, there are of course disadvantages to these insurance policies. The first to know is that the monthly premium cost of the contract is relatively high compared to that of a standard life insurance policy. The closer you are to 50 years old, the lower the insurance premium will be. There is also an initial period, usually of two years, in which the policy will not pay out if you die, instead the premium costs paid over this time are often refunded. Lastly, unlike a standard life insurance policy, the level of pay out on death is significantly lower and is typically around £8,000. Having said this, and as stated above, this is a guaranteed sum.

In the UK, over 50 life insurance is a strongly growing market where many providers running extensive advertising programs. As such, there are many great deals to be found, as the competition is high. Excellent incentives are offered by some providers which include a high payout travel insurance policy where you can be paid three times the usual lump sum if a travel accident results in your death. Find a scheme appropriate for you by making sure you compare the benefits of each policy.

If you’re over 50 in looking into life insurance options, look for over 50s life insurance with provisions that enable you to extend the length of the term of the policy if you’re still alive at the end of the initial term. You should also be aware of return-of-premium term policies, which enable you to get back premiums that you paid into the policy. You might pay more for these provisions but they are worth it.

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