5 moneymaking opportunities

5th August 2010

• 10 More good reasons to include regular cycling in your life
• 5 Moneymaking opportunities for that little bit extra to spend
• 4 easy ways to a richer life

I hope you are enjoying your summer.
One good reason for rising early each day is to enjoy the light
fresh mornings and the opportunity to take out your bike to a safe
place for a ‘spin’, while it is quiet and few people are about…
some more on cycling below…we also look at opportunities that can
offer a fulfilling interest and a little extra cash. This area,
particularly home based ‘biz opps’ and pursuits, will be regularly
revisited over the next few months to bring-out something for
everyone in due course…
10 More Good Reasons to take-up Cycling
According to cyclinginfo.co.uk/blog there are ten good reasons
to take-up cycling:
1. Freedom
2. Quicker Travelling
3. Save Money
4. Reduce Weight
5. Health Benefits
6. Relieve Stress
7. Reduce Global Warming
8. Less Accidents
9. It’s Fun!
For the fuller report and other cycling info go to
If you are not yet convinced :
“Because the bicycle supports your body, cycling isn’t necessarily
a weight-bearing exercise (although this depends on your
technique). This means it’s good for people with certain bone and
joint problems, but it may be less effective for protecting against
osteoporosis, although all exercise helps strengthen bones and
muscles to some degree.”
For more great information related to all things cycling check out


5 moneymaking opportunities
Extra cash is always welcome. Here are five business or moneymaking
ideas from moneymagpie.com .Click on the link below for more

• Use your life experience to your advantage

Make up to £20 an hour by joining a focus group

Housesit with your partner and make money together

• Cash in on your hobby

• How to make ultra easy money!

4 easy ways to a richer life
While cash and the material stuff are important in your life, you
might want to check this out for a richer life at any age:
“Life’s a zero-sum game, right? The more you strive to win in one
dimension (e.g., your work), the more the other three dimensions
(yourself, your home, and your community) must lose. Not according
to Stewart D. Friedman, a Professor of Management at the University
of Pennsylvania. You don’t have to make trade-offs among life’s
domains. Nor should you: trading-off can leave you feeling
exhausted, unfulfilled, or isolated. And it hurts the people you
care about most.”
Although, Friedman’s Idea was developed with leadership in mind, it
seeks to improve satisfaction and performance in all four
dimensions of life.
The four easy steps to a richer life are:
1. Reflect – on each of the four domains of your life -work (if you
still do), home, community, and yourself. How important is each to
you? How much time and energy are you devoting to each, and how
satisfied are you in each?
2. Brainstorm possibilities- develop a list of small things to do
that may help you to get greater satisfaction in all four (or
three) domains. For example, join a club to help forge closer
friendships, or exercise several times a week, which could give you
more energy.
3. Choose the three most promising from 2. above – these should:

• Improve your satisfaction and performance in all the dimensions
of your life

• Have effects viewed as positive by the people who matter to you
in every dimension of your life.

• Be the most costly–in regret and missed opportunities–if you
don’t do them.

• Position you to practice skills you most want to develop and do
more of what you want to be doing
4. Measure your progress – always important know whether what you
are doing is working in order to encourage you to continue with the
If you feel, most, if not all, of this would be helpful in your
circumstances check-out the full report at

Coming-up in the next issue will be three more new items, giving news
and tips, including debt relief tips.

Look out for your next issue on 12th August!
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5 reasons why cycling should be part of your fitness regime…

From :  The60LifeWeekly

  • 5 reasons why cycling should be part of your fitness regime


  • Why regular use of the internet could stave-off dementia


  • Is this the most dangerous business opportunity ever?



 My grandchildren take some keeping-up with. I love playing ball games in the park with them, but boy does it take some work! Great fun, though.

 That brings me nicely to one of this week’s key themes. Luckily, I have recently rediscovered the joy of cycling…


 5 reasons why cycling should be part of your fitness regime


 According to the website, over50s.com, cycling is one of the easiest and effective ways of keeping fit. The website reports:

Researchers have found that ” in England ,just 32% of men over 50 and 21% of women undertake the ’ recommended’ 30 minutes of daily exercise.”

The article goes onto say:  “Five reasons why cycling should be part of your exercise regime:

1. It keeps your knees and hips flexible.

2. It is an aerobic exercise and releases ‘feel good’ chemicals in the brain.

3. People who regularly cycle have the fitness level and body of someone 10 years younger.

4. If you are overweight cycling is the perfect exercise because it doesn’t put any pressure on your joints.

5. As part of a healthy lifestyle, regular cycling can reduce your risk of Type 2 diabetes and heart disease by around 50 per cent.” 

Seems like a win/win situation to me. Before you embark on any unaccustomed exercise you should see your doctor first just to check-out that what you plan is appropriate for you. For more on this story, including the benefits of an electric bike, check this out:



 Why regular use of the internet could stave-off dementia


Natural News reports that” University of California at Los Angles (UCLA) scientists have found a way adults who are middle-aged and older can enhance brain function and thinking ability in just one week. This amazingly powerful prescription doesn’t involve a drug. Instead, it’s simply a matter of learning to surf the Web. 

Research presented October 10th at the 2009 meeting of the Society for Neuroscience held in Chicago suggests older people with little Internet experience can trigger key centres in the brain that control decision making and complex reasoning in about seven days after they are taught how to use the Internet. What’s the connection? Apparently, Internet training stimulates specific brain cell activity and could even potentially play a role in preventing dementia.”

You can read the full report here at



Is this the most dangerous business opportunity ever?


I think not. This is not about putting your finances on the line

moneymagpie.com has a number of great ideas which you can put into practice now to improve your income. 

You can

•Use your life experience to your advantage

•Make up to £20 an hour by joining a focus group

•Housesit with your partner and make money together

•Cash in on your hobby

•How to make ultra easy money!

There are loads of fantastic and simple ways to make money on the side, and lots of them are tailor-made for people over the age of 60. We’ve put together a list of the best moneymaking ideas for seniors so take a look and see what suits you.


 The first tip above about cycling is definitely something I’ll be following through with now. Especially in preparation for when the grandkids visit. In the next issue, I’ve got news about developing your creative writing skills, getting the best price deal on gas and electricity, and a special report about financial security in retirement. Look out for your next issue on 22nd July 


Mike Paterson,

The 60Life Weekly 

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Disclaimer: It is always my intention to be as accurate in fact, detail and comment as possible. However, I cannot be held responsible for any error in details ,accuracy or judgement whatsoever. This e-letter is produced on this understanding. 

Get on yer bike!

Last week, I became the proud owner of a flexible friend. No, not a money guzzling credit card,but a folding bike that will not bend my wallet to fuel it. This  purchase is in part a new regime of mine to become fitter, and also in part a drive to find and enjoy interesting and pleasant country areas, with good level tracks for ease of peddling. I hope to develop this healthy outdoor interest over the next few months and years. When walking becomes more difficult as one grows older, cycling can lift the restriction on distance covered. It is, of course, essential to check out any medical problems with a doctor before embarking on unaccustomed exercise like this. But having checked this out, I am now looking forward to broadening my horizons.

Unlike the urban or city commuter, I shall be avoiding the hurly burly and hazards of the main roadways. My conveyance will be travelling on the quieter routes.   I shall perhaps be coming back in the near future with news of my intrepid adventures on (smallish) wheels. Oh, I did not say what model I purchased.If you are interested, it is one of the Dahon range. You can find further information on dealers and available model range on a website at www.dahon.com . I have no specific information on other folding bikes, of which there are a few, so I cannot draw comparison, but you can try these names: