So what’s being done about soaring home energy costs in the UK?

A key part of our well being is to be able to afford the necessities of life, including energy to heat our homes. This is to state the obvious but as we begin again to look forward to the ever shortening days of sunlight and colder weather a key question is non the less : what is being done to curb the ever rising cost of gas and electricity in the UK? – up twice as much on average over five years ago, according to TV news coverage this morning.

According to an exclusive report on the website: “Politicians, consumer groups, the regulator and suppliers will attend a crunch energy summit to tackle soaring gas and electricity costs on Monday afternoon. Prime Minister David Cameron (pictured, right) and Energy Secretary Chris Huhne, who are both attending, write exclusively for below outlining their plans…”

Well let’s hope that some positive action comes out of thes discussions. One of the key points seems to be to make it easier for the consumer to compare the tariffs of the top energy suppliers. By making their bills easier to understand and a clear comparison to be made, these companies will enable each and every one of us to more easily ‘shop around’ for the most appropriate deals.

Discover why creative writing is for everyone


19th August 2010

· The essential vitamin that can both prevent and cure cancer

· Discover why creative writing is for everyone

· Are you losing money to an unnoticed waster in your home?


This week, I was reminded of my childhood when I learned that the longest serving actor in the long running radio soap, ‘The Archers’, is June Spencer who has played Peggy Archer (later Woolley) for 60 years! I sneaked in a post about her this week at

Below, please find three more topics for the week…

Are you losing money to an unnoticed waster in your home?

Saving Money and Energy in the Home with Efficient Appliances
MoneyHighStreet Staff report that:
For too many homeowners today, inefficient appliances are robbing them of hard earned money while wasting valuable energy. Refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers account for the bulk of these energy costs, with fridges being the most prolific. A fridge freezer must work all day, every day and that can mean huge costs for those people who aren’t buying the right appliances or using those appliances correctly.
Are you leaving money in your fridge?
Is your fridge costing up to two-thirds more to run than it should?
You may find the answer here:


When improving your fitness by stretching need not over stretch your pocket
If you have been trying for years to overcome painful back and joints and have been doing the wrong back and joint strengthening exercises then you need to try the exercises in this ebook.
Pilates is not just for movie stars who want to keep their firm and toned figures.
Pilates is for people at every age who want to look and feel their best!
You are about to learn the exercises that the author has been experimenting and testing on her own clients for over 10 years.
These back and joint exercises have been found to be most beneficial in relieving back and joint pain from activities of daily living, or even from degenerative conditions in the spine and from arthritis.
The new revised edition offers you 30 more detailed pictures and modifications on the Classic Exercises along with Pilates Principles and Standing Posture and Balance Exercises.

The author wrote this ebook to help improve the lives of countless people who are suffering.

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The essential vitamin that can both prevent and cure cancer

NaturalNews reports that:

‘half century ago, Linus Pauling began his pioneering research into how vitamin C impacts health ( Now, almost 25 years after Pauling’s death, a new study backs up his contention that vitamin C has remarkable healing and protective benefits. In fact, now scientists have discovered how vitamin C may put the brakes on the growth of cancer cells.

‘Margreet Vissers, associate professor at the University of Otago’s Free Radical Research Group in New Zealand, headed the study which was just published in the journal Cancer Research. “Our results offer a promising and simple intervention to help in our fight against cancer, at the level of both prevention and cure,” Dr.Vissers said in a statement to the press.”‘

Her research team’s findings suggested vitamin C can help in both the prevention and treatment of cancer, and it was of importance in keeping cells healthy. The research suggested that’ vitamin C might be able to limit diseases such as cancer that involve cells that go haywire. In the case of a malignancy, for example, cells have unregulated growth.’

Discover why creative writing is for everyone
This week I’ve found a real ‘gem’ of a site, chock-full of information and resources for the creative writer. The site introduces itself in this way:

‘There are literally millions of aspiring writers in every corner of the globe, all of whom are seeking to discover innovative ways to unlock their personal creativity and free the stories they yearn to pen. Yet so many of these would-be literary artists are stopped by overwhelming questions-How do I get started? Where can I find the inspiration? Am I really good enough to write?

‘At Scribblepad, our primary goal is to help adults (and older children and teens, too!) find and release their inner voices. From prose to poetry, Scribblepad’s expertly researched and authored features and articles give readers immediately implementable hints, practical advice and proven methods.’

I hope you find the above full information useful.
Coming-up in the next issue will be three more items, giving more health and wealth related news and tips.

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