Short walk to a longer healthier life

Apparently, we in Britain are some of the most inactive people in the world. One third of us cannot manage even a 30 minute walk every week.Result: 37,000 lives are lost that might otherwise be saved from premature death. Many of us succumb to diabetes and heart disease, and assorted cancers. So what to do? We can schedule 20 minutes a day for a walk , and do it! Can’t we? A good walk of this short duration can boost our natural disease killer cells, help curb inflammation within our bodies,and privent damage to our ‘energy battery cells’. I’m in. Oh, and by the way, a good daily walk can actually be, well, fun relaxing and fun. If you are up for a healthier life-style do have a look at this recent report from the Daily Mail.

A short walk of just 20 minutes could be a life changer for you. Others who say so are:


MacMillan Cancer Support

5 moneymaking opportunities

5th August 2010

• 10 More good reasons to include regular cycling in your life
• 5 Moneymaking opportunities for that little bit extra to spend
• 4 easy ways to a richer life

I hope you are enjoying your summer.
One good reason for rising early each day is to enjoy the light
fresh mornings and the opportunity to take out your bike to a safe
place for a ‘spin’, while it is quiet and few people are about…
some more on cycling below…we also look at opportunities that can
offer a fulfilling interest and a little extra cash. This area,
particularly home based ‘biz opps’ and pursuits, will be regularly
revisited over the next few months to bring-out something for
everyone in due course…
10 More Good Reasons to take-up Cycling
According to there are ten good reasons
to take-up cycling:
1. Freedom
2. Quicker Travelling
3. Save Money
4. Reduce Weight
5. Health Benefits
6. Relieve Stress
7. Reduce Global Warming
8. Less Accidents
9. It’s Fun!
For the fuller report and other cycling info go to
If you are not yet convinced :
“Because the bicycle supports your body, cycling isn’t necessarily
a weight-bearing exercise (although this depends on your
technique). This means it’s good for people with certain bone and
joint problems, but it may be less effective for protecting against
osteoporosis, although all exercise helps strengthen bones and
muscles to some degree.”
For more great information related to all things cycling check out

5 moneymaking opportunities
Extra cash is always welcome. Here are five business or moneymaking
ideas from .Click on the link below for more

• Use your life experience to your advantage

Make up to £20 an hour by joining a focus group

Housesit with your partner and make money together

• Cash in on your hobby

• How to make ultra easy money!

4 easy ways to a richer life
While cash and the material stuff are important in your life, you
might want to check this out for a richer life at any age:
“Life’s a zero-sum game, right? The more you strive to win in one
dimension (e.g., your work), the more the other three dimensions
(yourself, your home, and your community) must lose. Not according
to Stewart D. Friedman, a Professor of Management at the University
of Pennsylvania. You don’t have to make trade-offs among life’s
domains. Nor should you: trading-off can leave you feeling
exhausted, unfulfilled, or isolated. And it hurts the people you
care about most.”
Although, Friedman’s Idea was developed with leadership in mind, it
seeks to improve satisfaction and performance in all four
dimensions of life.
The four easy steps to a richer life are:
1. Reflect – on each of the four domains of your life -work (if you
still do), home, community, and yourself. How important is each to
you? How much time and energy are you devoting to each, and how
satisfied are you in each?
2. Brainstorm possibilities- develop a list of small things to do
that may help you to get greater satisfaction in all four (or
three) domains. For example, join a club to help forge closer
friendships, or exercise several times a week, which could give you
more energy.
3. Choose the three most promising from 2. above – these should:

• Improve your satisfaction and performance in all the dimensions
of your life

• Have effects viewed as positive by the people who matter to you
in every dimension of your life.

• Be the most costly–in regret and missed opportunities–if you
don’t do them.

• Position you to practice skills you most want to develop and do
more of what you want to be doing
4. Measure your progress – always important know whether what you
are doing is working in order to encourage you to continue with the
If you feel, most, if not all, of this would be helpful in your
circumstances check-out the full report at

Coming-up in the next issue will be three more new items, giving news
and tips, including debt relief tips.

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How to stretch your way to fitness


29th July 2010

• Save money with this summer holiday offer only open until the end
of August

• Discover a world of writing for pleasure and profit

• How you can stretch your way to fitness


I’m spending a wonderful few days break surrounded by the
spectacularly beautiful scenery of North Wales in the UK. So where
exactly am I? If you would like to you can check it out here at
For my headlined summer holiday offers find for this week, though,
please see below – I have absolutely no affiliation with
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receive no payment or commission of any kind.

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Discover a world of writing for pleasure
and profit
For excellent writing resources, providing tips, guidance and
inspiration you can subscribe to leading magazines (or perhaps read
in a public library) like Writing Magazine or Writers Forum. The
latter publication welcomes readers to its site thus:
‘Each month Writers’ Forum helps thousands of new and aspiring
writers to achieve their dreams. It’s packed with up-to-date market
information, advice from experts in the publishing industry and
inspiring stories and tips from fellow authors and writers.
We also feature interactive reader workshops in fiction, poetry,
children’s books and self-publishing, so you can see at first -hand
how to improve and successfully target your own writing.’
There is a vast amount of information on this site as well as

How you can stretch your way to fitness

At the a forum member asks:
‘Am I too old to do Pilates?
I am a 63 year old woman and want to start a Pilates class but I am
worried that I am too old and that I could injure myself
Answer from Brenda Phillips, Cheltenham:
You can never be too old to do Pilates. If you feel fit enough you
can do it at any age. The beauty of Pilates is that all the
exercises can be adapted to meet the specific needs of each
individual which means it can be tailored for you no matter what
age you are. Pilates can be adapted to make it less strenuous and
gentler so it will suit any ability. A lot of older people are
turning to Pilates to keep themselves suppler and fitter. Pilates
is known to help prevent age related conditions such as
and for more health benefits check out:
Coming-up in the next issue, news and tips about:
• more good reasons if needed to include regular cycling in your
• looking at ‘home’ business opportunities (‘biz opps’)
• 4 easy steps to a richer life

and soon, we’re looking at personal computing: problems and remedies

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