Are There Jobs For Retired People On The Internet?

The Internet is a vast place, and a mystery to many retired people. Oh, they use it all right, it is all just a mystery exactly how it works. You can find anything and everything on the Internet, and those looking for jobs for retired people it might be a rude awakening as to why anyone would want to read about this, or watch a You Tube Video about something else.

The question really should be about how do you find jobs for retired people online. Many retired people are only looking for part time jobs after retirement benefits kick in. Often what they really mean is are there part time work at home jobs, no scams for retired people. These are a little more focused and gets to the meat of the question. Can a person who needs to add income to their retirement income use the Internet? This becomes a particularly sticky issue during times when the jobless rate in the offline world is high.

You will use the Internet to find jobs for retired people in two ways:

One is with your basic job searches. You might look for reputable agencies, find classified ads in your area, use Craigs List and other job hunting services. This sort of search will send you in the right direction, give you leads etc. Along the same lines would be to use forums setup  to find jobs for retired people where people can share ideas, resources and hot tips with each other.

The other way is to actually find places online where you can do work and get paid. There are many legitimate work from home businesses and job opportunities, and there are many offers that are out to get you. Before you even touch one offer, you must take the time to educate yourself about this kind of thing. One rule of thumb, for the most part you do not pay people to give you work, that is where the disreputable people work. You pay for training, you pay start up costs for a home based business, you pay for supplies, but you do not fork over to let someone give you work that they supposedly will pay you to do.

One solution might be to learn how to earn commissions by sending customers to websites where they already want to buy the type of product being sold. This is called affiliate marketing. This is probably the most promising of the jobs for retired people, as you work from home on your computer. Once you learn the system, it gives you many directions to go. It will take some serious training, but once you have it, it might be just the ticket to bring in extra money. .

Sue Fegan stopped teaching after 34 years to move to the beach with her husband who is lucky enough to be fully retired. Sue has been studying ways to earn extra retirement income with various Internet marketing systems.

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Computing for the over 60s

According to a recent BBC report, it is thought that 10million people in the UK ,or 21% of the population, are not online. Of those not on online, the majority are over the age of 60.

We must try to change this and bring the world of the internet to many more people for whom being connected maybe a lifesaver, a means of frequent social contact with others , and a regular vast source of information, much of it for free, on a wide range of subjects for a more active and fulfilling life.

I cannot imagine what it would be like not to be connected to the internet, or to have computing tools unavailable to me. Not that I am a whizz kid, or techie type. I came to computing later in life, and struggled for a while experiencing the frustrations while  learning necessary basic computing skills. Now regular use of my computer is such that, a bit like riding a bike, the basic skill stays with you. Sometimes, I do still lose my balance and fall off!

Sir Terry Wogan is an ambassador for literacy, and he is an advocate of computing for those currently missing out  on the wonderful world of personal computing.    You can see and hear Terry by clicking here

This is such an important subject for us that I shall be returning to it often over the next few weeks.

If you are eager to start  learning  more about personal computing right away you could do worse than obtain a copy of the Which? step-by-step guide for those who want to understand their PC and use it on a daily basis. The guide is called : Computing for the over 50s . It is available online if you can manage it at or you can call the Which? people on 01903 828557