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There are many misconceptions about getting older.One of these is that older people inevitably will suffer from significant age-related decline in health.This is what many parents and grandparents of those now in their 60s and 70s were led to believe.With a lower life expectation they also seemed to be condemned to a short retirement in ill-health before death. Society and culture did not expect any more from older people. The stereotypes were out there with ‘pipe and slippers’ often the onlyreward at the end of a working life. Nowadays so much has changed and with good reason.Apart from people wanting more out of life the realisation has surfaced that in reality something can be done to prolong an active life.

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Discover how strength training can help you easily regain your zest for life



As we grow older, many of us begin to lose our ability to keep-up the lifestyle we once took for granted. For instance,we may not indulge as often as we did in certain sports and recreational activities that we previously enjoyed. Even normal everyday physical activities are perhaps becoming increasingly more difficult. If you fit into this category, or feel this could happen to you, then something I have been looking into for a while may be the most important thing for your wellbeing that you have read in a long while. Today, I am inviting you to join me in a journey to discover how strength training taken in easy steps could transform your life.This is the first of a Lifestyle and Your Health series of posts about easy exercise to grow stronger and live better as you get older. Here is an introduction to strengthening exercises.