The Best of the60life in May

via dollarphotoclub - the good life
via dollarphotoclub – the good life

Nearing the end of a busy month. The following are the Best of the60life in May  which you may have missed:
5 easy tips on taking the first steps to trace your UK ancestors 

This was hobby time. Speaking for itself in offering some easy start-up tips to enable you to enjoy a hugely popular and absorbing pastime searching for information,including the stories, about your family members.

If you are a beginner on this road of discovery, there is so much information out there on the internet, and physically in accessible public records.
Much of it can be had for a modest financial cost, and your time.Spend carefully maybe a watchword. You must also be prepared to spend time in
pursuit of what you have planned to achieve. This project can become very addictive!

Why the way we breathe is so important to our health

This post is about unlocking the simple truth: the way to the best health in long life rests on the way we breathe.You can learn very easily how to breathe properly and utilise you full lung capacity to benefit your general health.

The short guide to dealing with stress in later life

We all experience stress at sometime in life. A little amount usually does us no harm, and in some circumstances is a help in our lives.It is an excess of stress that harms us.This guidance introduces the problem,how it can effect our our wellbeing, and suggests what we should be doing to reduce stress and anxiety in our lives particularly as we age when the stress triggers can change.We need to address both the physical and mental aspects.

Why changing some habits can benefit you in older age 

As we age we should look to taking on new healthful habits to stand us in good stead. It is reckoned that it takes about 30 days for a routine or regular task to become a habit.Here we look at particular areas where frequent actions in our everyday lives should be done without thinking about them.
9 of the best websites for walking events in the UK for all ages

The movement to promote walking for health is very much alive and well. Throughout the UK many events to encourage walking are held throughout the year.

How to be physically flexible at any age

In order not to lose it, we can work to maintain ( or even recover ) as much flexibility as possible in older age by taking certain active steps.We need to take action for the safe enjoyment of our lives, and to fulfil necessary everyday activities.This post offers some pointers.
5 mythbusting articles you may have missed at the60life blog about your health in later life

There are many perceptions, most of them false, about age-related decline in older people.A decline in health is not an inevitability.The myths are countered about fitness and diet, and there are strategies for boomers to live life to the full.

The really simple way to walk for health in later life 

Having an activity plan for walking is an excellent aid to meeting daily targets for walking exercise.
To your later life lifestyle, health and wellness

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