The gastric band question for the over 60s

Hi. In these times, we are everyday hearing of pioneering surgery and rapid developments in medicine ,unheard of even a decade ago.

If successful these are life-changing for the person whose wellness has been improved. But are these remarkable advances only for the relatively young, when factoring in the cost and the employment of scarce medical resources? Should a person over 60,for example, be given the chance to benefit? Is the risk worth taking, and should it be allowed? As food for thought and further discussion ,I give you today the link to a recent report posted at the website:

‘Madeleine, who lives in Gosport, Hants, with husband, Bill, 68, is one of the [gastric band] procedure’s success stories. In the 14  months after her bypass she has gone on to lose an amazing 10 stone and is now a size 8/10 with a BMI of 24.9 (the ideal is 20-25).

She says,“I read the letter I wrote to my daughter recently and it was full of sadness and so far from the person I am now. I took great pleasure in ripping it up.

“The operation cost £12,000 and I had to take out a loan to pay for it but it has at last given me, albeit in my pension years, the life I’d dreamed of.”

But sadly, major weight-loss surgery doesn’t have such a happy ending for every older patient.’

For the full story you can go to:



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