Top Retro Toys for Xmas 2013

Top Retro Toys for Christmas 2013!


Not sure where to look for toys for the grandkids? Not sure what they are into.

Top UK store Debenhamshas been shaking-out their archives and has discovered its top earning toys sold during the last 50 years. Should it be a surprise to discover,when children’s toys go in and out of fashion as quick as wink from one year to the next, that listed below are 10 retro toys still available with no, or some updating modification ,and are sought after,today? And they will be best sellers again this year.

1. Cabbage Patch Dolls

2. Rubiks Cube

3. Monopoly

4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures

5. Buz Lightyear

6. Barbie Doll

7. Teletubbies

8. Furby

9. Sylvanian Families

10. Lego ( a large selection now available, including Star Wars figures and related toys)

So for these still must-have toys you should buy now to avoid any family disappointment!

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