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There are many misconceptions about getting older.One of these is that older people inevitably will suffer from significant age-related decline in health.This is what many parents and grandparents of those now in their 60s and 70s were led to believe.With a lower life expectation they also seemed to be condemned to a short retirement in ill-health before death. Society and culture did not expect any more from older people. The stereotypes were out there with ‘pipe and slippers’ often the onlyreward at the end of a working life. Nowadays so much has changed and with good reason.Apart from people wanting more out of life the realisation has surfaced that in reality something can be done to prolong an active life.

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The really simple way to walk for health in later life

Happy senior couple hiking in the park (dollarphotoclub)
Happy senior couple hiking in the park (dollarphotoclub)



The problem for many of us today is that we just do not exercise enough. This can have dire consequences as we age.

According to the Lancet medical journal,about two thirds of the adult population in the UK does not take sufficient exercise and are endangering their health.The British Heart Foundation 2015 physical activity survey revealed that only 30% of over 75s meet a reasonable physical level of activity. These are astonishing statistics,and if we don’t use our physical ability to take reasonable levels of exercise we will eventually lose it.

In the UK and the US health authorities  tend to agree that we should strive to achieve 10,000 steps each day equivalent to about 5 miles.The average person in the UK reaches around 3000-4000 steps daily according to the NHS( in the US this figure is said to be around 5,200 -5,900)

There is a simple way we can individually deal with this problem of low activity, and that is by walking for health in later life. Continue reading “The really simple way to walk for health in later life”

Great Life Expectancies


Born 1902 in Russia, Max Lerner, American journalist,writer and educator contributed as a columnist for the Los Angeles Times over period of 20 years.

He is quoted as saying:  “I want to die young at an advanced age.”

I can relate to that.

He was known as a ‘possibilist’ , one who was considered neither an optimist nor a pessimist.

Max died in 1992 aged 89.

Life, it’s yours to decide how to live from now on

Quote for the Day:

Only a few of the many  famous quotes that have been recorded in any media can ,of course, ever get to be posted here.The following quote attributed to the great singer songwriter,Joan Baez, caught the eye as it has a certain resonance, as it inspires a theme – if it is given to  you to decide how to live the rest of your life – I  shall be following in an upcoming post in the very near future. Please do join me ,again,soon.

“You don’t get to decide how you’re going to die .Or when. But you can decide how you’re going to live now.”

This quote was spotted in Christine Webber’s inspirational book : “Too Young to Get Old”


How to stay young

1. Throw out non-essential numbers.This includes age ,weight, and height. Let the doctors worry about these. That is why you pay them.
2.Keep only cheerful friends.The grouches pull you down.
3.Keep learning.Learn more about the computer,crafts,gardening, whatever…Never let the brain idle.’An idle mind is the devil’s workshop’…
4.Enjoy the simple things in life.

George Carlin