Where you can in the UK make a difference as a volunteer./feed/

A helping hand via dollarphotoclub
A helping hand via dollarphotoclub

A recent  post on the60life introduced the benefits of volunteering. Following that theme, it is volunteers’ week in the UK. From 1st June until 12th June, the work of the many thousands of people who give freely of their time in the service of others in the community,througout the year, is being celebrated.Perhaps you may wish to join in as a volunteer but are not sure how. Continue reading “Where you can in the UK make a difference as a volunteer./feed/”

Why volunteering to serve others is good for you/feed/

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Volunteers’ Week this year has been stretched to run from the 1st -12th June.It is held annually in celebration of the work that many thousands of people in the UK put in freely to help in their free time with tasks,projects for the benefit of others in their community or country.
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On the Pilgrim’s Way for Helplink


Cathedral de Compostela by ramonespelt for dollarphotoclub
Cathedral de Compostela by ramonespelt for dollarphotoclub

As we head towards Easter, Ian Cochran is heading away from the Pyrenees and on towards Santiago de Compostela and the fifty odd miles beyond to Cape Finistere, having set out on his 571 mile walk for charity on 28th March. Self-funded,70 year-old Ian,who is a diabetic, intends to complete his walk in 58 days and to raise much needed money in sponsorship for Helplink Community Support based on the Wirral. This 20 year-old charity helps not only elderly but other needy,vulnerable and disabled Wirral residents. Practical assistance is at the heart of the charitable work which is carried out by an army of approximately 100 volunteers. Without further funding a service currently providing invaluable help to over 800 people is at risk.

The Pilgrim’s Way, also known as the Way of St James, is followed by pilgrims and tourists who use the ancient routes across Galicia in Northern Spain. The tomb of St James at Santiago is supposed to have been discovered in the 9th century and is known world-wide as a religious shrine of great importance.Ian will be looking to put in at least 5 hours walking per day. While the going under foot on the camino (“way”) is generally good walking, it is the amount of walking day after day for a period of over 50 days that is very demanding, and hard on the feet!

Good luck Ian! As I write he has 52 days left to go!

You can follow his progress at the Helplink website.If you wish to sponsor him during this valiant project you can do this at www.justgiving.com


Focus on the public face of dementia

iQoncept @dollar photo club
iQoncept @dollar photo club


Much has been said lately about the scourge of dementia in all its forms.And now,just a few days ago,Sir Terry Pratchett,author of the fantasy book series Discworld, and recently often considered a public face of dementia, passed away. He had been diagnosed in 2007 with early-onset Alzheimer’s.

According to the Alzheimer’s Society, an estimated 850,000 people currently suffer from dementia in the UK.The government is promising a new,long term strategy focused on boosting research,improving care and raising awareness of dementia. Not before time a deep searching light is to be shone on this growing mental disease which threatens to grow into a worldwide epidemic. Continue reading “Focus on the public face of dementia”

UK Charities and regional press commemorate centenary of outbreak of WW1


havanna1234- dollarphotoclub
havanna1234- dollarphotoclub

Numerous events commemorating the start of WW1 have taken place so far this year,and many more are to come.Few,if any, business sectors have been more busy in supporting national and local charities than the regional press. Continue reading “UK Charities and regional press commemorate centenary of outbreak of WW1”

Lights out all over the world in commemoration of WWI centenary

lightsout_250x165 Today, throughout the UK and in many countries overseas, the start of the First World War is being commemorated.One hundred years ago, the deadliest of conflicts began.In many villages and towns, the sacrifice of families and loved ones made during a period of four years of war will be remembered at special services and ceremonies held in the UK and Belgium.In Glasgow, heads and representatives of Commonwealth countries, many of whom were last night celebrating the close of the successful Commonwealth Games, will attend a commemoration service in the City’s cathedral.

One such area that has been holding events leading upto today is North Devon. Over the weekend memorial services and exhibitions were held in Bideford,Berrynabor,Barnstaple and West Down. A flypast of Sea King aircraft and a wreath laying ceremony was arranged at Barnstaple.The annual flower show in West Down was WWI themed,and today in the hall at St Calixtus Church a special exhibition will be open from 10.a.m. and later, an open air service will be held in the church hall grounds, ahead of 11 p.m. and the marking of the time of the announcement of war a century ago.


If you wish to join in a special moment of remembrance the British Legion is inviting you to participate in a shared moment of reflection by turning off your lights from 10pm to 11pm, leaving on a single light or candle, to mark the 100th anniversary of when Great Britain entered the First World War.

We should be all together now



All together now!

It’s not what I expected to find on my recent visit to a local garden centre.It was not so much that I would not expect to see free newspapers or promotional material on a stand at the check-out point for passing customers to pick-up.No, my surprise was that I had not seen this publication before. I duly lifted a copy of All Together Now! returned to a seat in the coffee shop and read it from front to back.Having nursed a cup of coffee for as long as I felt was reasonable, I went home.

Now in its ninth year of publication

Chock-full of entertaining but above all informative articles and news items, All Together Now! is the messenger for a registered charity dedicated to providing a a top class news service for anyone whose life is affected by disability,long term health conditions or age. Now in the ninth year of publication, its area of coverage is the North West of England, although it now reaches a much wider audience with its digital newsletter offspring. The content is light in touch, bright, positive in tone, and above all likely to be very helpful for a range of age groups and disabilities.

In the June/July 2014 issue, features and news include:

-the creation of robots that enable people to walk again
-latest developments designed to make it easier for those with hearing or speech disability to make phone calls
-how yo obtain a downloadable easy read guide on using a mobile phone for people with learning difficulties
-news of improvements to be made in access at train stations for disabled people
-how to protect yourself from bogus callers at home
-recently announced changes in ISA rules
-views on the future of caring for older people
– a driving licence renewal reminder and tips for the over 70s,
and much, much more

I like its light, but not flippant, way of reporting serious issues affecting health and age challenged people particularly in the North West, and also elsewhere.

There is plenty of human interest and inspiring personal adventure stories galore,and hand in hand there is a wish to its readers to have fun and seek to be entertained.

I am signing-up for the digital fortnightly e-newsletter. This is a publication that deserves a much wider readership in the UK.